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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I have been reading up on AR-15's for a while and am now in the market for my 1st. I've narrowed down my selection to 2 platforms that I like. Both appear to be similar rifles and I have found them at a similar price point (not enough difference for me to care). I'll list the PROS of each below (according to my thinking). The Daniel Defense M4 V7 (no sights) https://danieldefense.com/rifles/mid-length/daniel-defense-m4-carbine-v7-no-sights.html + Daniel Defense name + I really like their slick Modular Float Rail 12.0 + Comes with Magpul Stock (grip?, magazine?) The Core15 TAC II M4 FDE CERAKOTE http://core15rifles.com/core15-tac-ii-m4-rifle-fde-cerakote.html + I like the FDE coloring + Comes with Magpul Stock, Pistol Grip, P-Mag + What appears to be an awesome Lifetime Warranty + Unloaded weight is 5.9 lbs (vs the 6.4 lbs for the DD) They both seem to have the same basic "features": + chrome line 4150 CMV govt profile barrel + low profile gas block + flash hider + M4 feed ramp + flat top The other rifle I'm considering is the Spike's Tactical ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE w/ 13.2" SAR but it is my 3rd choice http://www.spikestactical.com/new/ss/st15-16midlength-le-w132-sar-p-812.html Does anyone have an feedback on the DD vs the CORE15? Anything I'm not considering? My favorite part of the DD is the Slick Rail which I think I could buy separately for the CORE15. The only thing about the CORE15 is that I wasn't familiar with the brand until recently but I've read some good things. Thanks, Sean
  2. Hey everyone, On Friday I received my 1st AR-15, a Daniel Defense M4 V7. https://danieldefense.com/rifles/mid-length/daniel-defense-m4-carbine-v7-no-sights.html Friday evening I mounted a set of black Magpul MBUS sights on it and dry fired it a bit to get used to the controls and sights. Almost immediately I noticed that "Wow, I hate this little nub on the grip" which I later found out is the standard A2 Grip. I've already ordered a Magpul MOE Grip (no nub) which should be here on Tuesday. Saturday morning I took it to a local, indoor, 25 yd range to put some rounds through it and sight it in. I was able to secure a shooting bench and they let me borrow a front rest. All of my shooting was down slow and aimed as A.) My primary goal was zeroing, B.) I'm somewhat new to shooting rifles with irons, C.) They want a 2-mississippi count between rounds. The gun functioned flawlessly (even after I let it fall out of the bench rest, off the bench, and onto the floor... doh... At least there were no scratches and my brand new baby hehe). I started out firing 3 round groups and bringing the target back after every set. I later advanced to 5 round groups, and finally ended the day with a 30 round group. My intention was to put a 50 yd zero on the irons so I aimed at the bullseye but adjusted the sights so my rounds hit about 1.5" low at the 25 yds. My best 5 round group was 1 ragged hole about 1" across. This was pure luck as most of my 3 and 5 round groups were 2" - 2.5". The last 30 round group was centered 1.5" below the bullseye and dead on left/right with a diameter of about 3". My worst flyer was only about 3" away from my point of aim and my 2nd worst flyer was probably only 1.5" away. I feel pretty good about these results. I was only able mess with the small aperture before I had to go meet my girlfriend. I'd like to do some comparisons between the small and large next time I get a chance. I do have 1 question for the panel of experts: I mounted my rear sight as far back as I could (as close to my eye as possible). When stowed, the MBUS lays over top the charging handle. I had my Magpul MOE Stock set to 3 clicks out which put my nose at the charging handle. I felt like I could barely make out the rear sight as it was so close to my eye and I was focusing on the front sight. Obviously I could see the front sight and the target beyond but the rear sight was a barely visible fuzzy circle. Is this ok/correct? Should I move it forward a couple notches to it isn't QUITE so close to my eye? - Scout Actual
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