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Found 9 results

  1. First, idk if this is a place to post this but I’m struggling with this. I have been going back and forth on which AR to buy in .300 Blackout. The two I have narrowed it down to are the Noveske NSD Gen III and the DDM4ISR. My question is which would you recommend is the better investment? I hear Noveske has better barrels but I also hear that DD is a desired brand. Any advice is great thank you! Specs: https://www.rainierarms.com/noveske-nsd-gen-3-300blk-8-5-nsr-sd-15-dead-air-sandman-titanium-pinned-sniper-grey/ https://danieldefense.com/ddm4-isr.html#
  2. I've been researching getting some ideas and have narrowed down my choices to a few I think I life unless someone tells me another one better. What I'm concerned with is the price. I see some people talking about some ridiculously low numbers of what they paid for a Daniel Defense or BCM and I'm like I don't see those prices anywhere. So with that said I'll list the ones I'm looking at and what the prices I can get them for is. Daniel Defense M4A1 Mil Spec+ $1895 and local guns store BCM RECCE 16 Dark Bronze $1479 and local gun store SIG SAUER ELITE TI $1200 without optic at local gun store Springfield Armory Saint Edge $1100-$1222 depending on which store I go with here to order for me I was also checking ou the Saint Pistol but not sure if should go with an AR pistol. $955 at LGS. All of these have to special ordered no one near me has any of these guns in the store. I've heard some people saying the LWRC IC DI but I've not looked into it the price seems to be $1400 but I haven't checked what my LGS can get to me for this gun. These prices seem high from what price I see people on different forums talking about but I don't see these guns going for much less anywhere else maybe a couple hundred less but not $1200 or $1300 for the Daniel Defense like some people are talking. I really like the DD but seems very pricey and the BCM may be the one I get but I just don't want to get ripped off. Thanks or any help. I'm also up for any other gun suggestions you have if you think I should look at something else? I like the brown colors or dark bronze type colors but I guess I could do black if I have to and just add some brown accessories.
  3. For more info. e-mail us at info(at)smallarmsales.com, call (810)513-5093 or see our web site http://www.smallarmsales.com for the latest information and for secure online ordering. Part No: DA-02-088-15126-011 Daniel Defense M4A1 (Mil Spec+) Rifle Our Price: see link Product/Pricing Info. Part No: DA-02-128-12026-047 Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, V7 (Mil Spec+) Rifle Our Price: see link Product/Pricing Info. Part No: DA-08037-NS Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, V4, No Sight Our Price: see link Product/Pricing Info. Part No: DA-08165-NS Daniel Defense M4 Carbine V5, No Sights, 300 AAC Blackout Our Price: $1182.95 Product/Pricing Info. Part No: DA-20002 Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, V2 Our Price: see link Product/Pricing Info. Part No: DA-22162 Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, v1 LW (Lightweight Barrel) Our Price: see link Product/Pricing Info. Customer feedback can be found Here For more info. e-mail us at info(at)smallarmsales.com, call (810)513-5093 or see our web site http://www.smallarmsales.com for the latest information and for secure online ordering.
  4. Hello Armory. Up for sale are 2 Trijicon optics. ACOG TAO1NSN and AccuPoint TR24-G. Withdrawn. Decided to keep it. Asking $900 OBO Trjicon AccuPoint TR24-G (green) retails for $1200 w/ MGM Switchview sells for $59.95 + shipping w/ Larue Tactical SPR-E LT139 mount sells for $182 + shipping Trjicon Accupoint The Trijicon AccuPoint is a high-quality, variable powered sporting riflescope featuring a battery-free illuminated reticle, superior glass clarity and rugged construction. Designed to stand up to the elements, the AccuPoint maintains the refinement needed for precise windage and elevation adjustments. The multi-layer coated lenses provide superior light transmission, while the illuminated reticle aids in quick target engagement. The AccuPoint provides a quick focus eyepiece and long eye relief. Trjicon Accupoint TR24 G Ideal for big game hunts or anytime you expect to shoot at shorter distances, the Trijicon AccuPoint® with its patented illuminated aiming point will help you get the job done. The scope is illuminated through the use of fiber optics and tritium, providing a vivid aiming point without the need for batteries. Magnification 1x-4x Objective Size 24 Bullet Drop Compensator No Length (In) 10.3 Weight (oz) 14.4 Illumination Source Fiber Optics & Tritium Reticle Pattern Triangle Day Reticle Color Green Night Reticle Color Green Eye Relief3.2Exit Pupil 17.5 to 5.1 Field of View @ 100 yards (ft) 97.5 to 24.2 Adjustment @ 100 yards (clicks/in) 4 Tube Size 30mm Housing Material 6061-T6 aluminum, hard coat anodized per MIL-A-8625, Type III, Class 2 dull & non reflective Adjustment Range ± 45 MOA (± 13.3 mils) minimum MGM Switchview Rifle not included Rifle not included
  5. Folks Operation parts has two of these uppers in stock: Linky Our Price: $1,069.00 Specifications: Upper Receiver: A4 Upper Receiver with M4 Feed Ramps Barrel Characteristics: 10.3″ Cold Hammer Forged, 5.56 NATO Chamber, 1:7 Twist, Govt Profile, Carbine Gas Port, Chrome Lined, Mil Spec Heavy Phosphate Coated, HP and MPI tested Bolt Carrier Group: F/A BCG, HP and MPI Tested, Shot Peened Bolt, Extractor Booster, Properly Staked Gas Key Flash Hider: A2 Bird Cage Flash Hider Rail System: RIS II MK18 Low Profile Gas Block Weight: 3lbs 8oz
  6. Hey all, I have been reading up on AR-15's for a while and am now in the market for my 1st. I've narrowed down my selection to 2 platforms that I like. Both appear to be similar rifles and I have found them at a similar price point (not enough difference for me to care). I'll list the PROS of each below (according to my thinking). The Daniel Defense M4 V7 (no sights) https://danieldefense.com/rifles/mid-length/daniel-defense-m4-carbine-v7-no-sights.html + Daniel Defense name + I really like their slick Modular Float Rail 12.0 + Comes with Magpul Stock (grip?, magazine?) The Core15 TAC II M4 FDE CERAKOTE http://core15rifles.com/core15-tac-ii-m4-rifle-fde-cerakote.html + I like the FDE coloring + Comes with Magpul Stock, Pistol Grip, P-Mag + What appears to be an awesome Lifetime Warranty + Unloaded weight is 5.9 lbs (vs the 6.4 lbs for the DD) They both seem to have the same basic "features": + chrome line 4150 CMV govt profile barrel + low profile gas block + flash hider + M4 feed ramp + flat top The other rifle I'm considering is the Spike's Tactical ST-15 16" Mid-Length LE w/ 13.2" SAR but it is my 3rd choice http://www.spikestactical.com/new/ss/st15-16midlength-le-w132-sar-p-812.html Does anyone have an feedback on the DD vs the CORE15? Anything I'm not considering? My favorite part of the DD is the Slick Rail which I think I could buy separately for the CORE15. The only thing about the CORE15 is that I wasn't familiar with the brand until recently but I've read some good things. Thanks, Sean
  7. Folks have some more stuff to sale, this stuff is take off items where it was upgraded, everything is slightly used but in 95% or better condition. I am not the owner of any of this stuff, but it is in my possession and I will be the one shipping it out if the items sell. 1. Daniel Defense VFG: $30.00 Shipped 2. FAB Mag Well Grip: $18.00 Shipped Sold to Diablo 3. Magpul RVG in OD Green: $15.00 Shipped 4. Magpul Moe-K Grip in Multi-Cam: $20.00 Shipped 5. 1 Set of Beretta Black Plastic OEM Grips for M9/92: $20.00 Shipped Edit to add: Shipping will be a few days late getting out until the roads are cleared. Pic of items 1 through 4 together: Photo of DD VFG: $30.00 Shipped Photo of FAB Mag Well Grip: Sold to Diablo Photo of RVG: $15.00 Shipped Photo of Moe-K Grip: $20.00 Shipped Photo of Beretta OEM Plastic Grip: $20.00 Shipped
  8. Hey everyone, On Friday I received my 1st AR-15, a Daniel Defense M4 V7. https://danieldefense.com/rifles/mid-length/daniel-defense-m4-carbine-v7-no-sights.html Friday evening I mounted a set of black Magpul MBUS sights on it and dry fired it a bit to get used to the controls and sights. Almost immediately I noticed that "Wow, I hate this little nub on the grip" which I later found out is the standard A2 Grip. I've already ordered a Magpul MOE Grip (no nub) which should be here on Tuesday. Saturday morning I took it to a local, indoor, 25 yd range to put some rounds through it and sight it in. I was able to secure a shooting bench and they let me borrow a front rest. All of my shooting was down slow and aimed as A.) My primary goal was zeroing, B.) I'm somewhat new to shooting rifles with irons, C.) They want a 2-mississippi count between rounds. The gun functioned flawlessly (even after I let it fall out of the bench rest, off the bench, and onto the floor... doh... At least there were no scratches and my brand new baby hehe). I started out firing 3 round groups and bringing the target back after every set. I later advanced to 5 round groups, and finally ended the day with a 30 round group. My intention was to put a 50 yd zero on the irons so I aimed at the bullseye but adjusted the sights so my rounds hit about 1.5" low at the 25 yds. My best 5 round group was 1 ragged hole about 1" across. This was pure luck as most of my 3 and 5 round groups were 2" - 2.5". The last 30 round group was centered 1.5" below the bullseye and dead on left/right with a diameter of about 3". My worst flyer was only about 3" away from my point of aim and my 2nd worst flyer was probably only 1.5" away. I feel pretty good about these results. I was only able mess with the small aperture before I had to go meet my girlfriend. I'd like to do some comparisons between the small and large next time I get a chance. I do have 1 question for the panel of experts: I mounted my rear sight as far back as I could (as close to my eye as possible). When stowed, the MBUS lays over top the charging handle. I had my Magpul MOE Stock set to 3 clicks out which put my nose at the charging handle. I felt like I could barely make out the rear sight as it was so close to my eye and I was focusing on the front sight. Obviously I could see the front sight and the target beyond but the rear sight was a barely visible fuzzy circle. Is this ok/correct? Should I move it forward a couple notches to it isn't QUITE so close to my eye? - Scout Actual
  9. While I have the money for a nice upper such as a Daniel Defense or Colt, I don't want to spend it if I don't have to. I came across this while on my search: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=349453299 and it seemed to me to be a good buy until I researched RGuns. Everything I've heard about them is bad, but on this build only the actual reciever and barrel are made by them (and it all claims to be mil spec). All I'm looking for is a reliable, durable upper; while high accuracy is nice, it is not my priority on this build. So I guess what I'm asking is is will this upper be as realiable and durable as a higher priced upper? Also I plan on changing the bolt and the charging handle out on it with spares so that is not a worry to me.
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