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Found 8 results

  1. First, idk if this is a place to post this but I’m struggling with this. I have been going back and forth on which AR to buy in .300 Blackout. The two I have narrowed it down to are the Noveske NSD Gen III and the DDM4ISR. My question is which would you recommend is the better investment? I hear Noveske has better barrels but I also hear that DD is a desired brand. Any advice is great thank you! Specs: https://www.rainierarms.com/noveske-nsd-gen-3-300blk-8-5-nsr-sd-15-dead-air-sandman-titanium-pinned-sniper-grey/ https://danieldefense.com/ddm4-isr.html#
  2. Hi ladies and gentlemans, How are you, is everything all right? I am wondering 1 dimension and 1 diameter from pin hole center to stock beginning, please find in pictures. May you help me, pelase? Thanks.
  3. I'm looking at upgrading my handguard on S&W M&P sport II handgaurd from its stock drop in to a free float. i have a 16" barrel and im looking into a 15" handguard. I know i will need a low-pro gas block but will i also need a new gas tube? or make any other sort of modifications to do this?
  4. Hey all! Looking for a Hobby. Always wanted to build one of these! I would like to make it look nice but also be able to use it on the range and possibly do some hunting with it. All information and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have recently bought parts for an AR after I sold mine to better understand the rifle as well as save a little money. I have a few questions that seems like no one can help me with. I used to own a DPMS LR 308T yet sold it for a 5.56 build project, I have an A2 stock with a 43 coil buffer spring and I'm assuming rifle buffer with a an extension for the longer A2 style stock, my concern is if it will function properly with my upper that is being shipped from a dealer its a 16 inch barrel with a carbine length gas system. The last thing that I want is for me to build a rifle and it not function properly and end up hurting myself or worse someone else!!!! If anyone has useful insight please post a reply and explain!
  6. I'm going to preface this post by saying that I am a newbie to the AR-15 platform. I have some experience shooting and maintencing these weapons but I have never owned one. With that being said I will also say that I'm not buying one necessarily for home defense, I have my weapon of choice for "bump in the night", but for plinking and general fun. I also would like to note that I am making the decision to buy a full rifle and not build my own, just yet that may come in the future. But, I have hit some what of a snag when it comes to what I should get. I say this because after a month of research I settled upon wanting a Ruger AR-556, the reviews were amazing and it seemed like a generally well-built and trusted rifle overall. However, as I was looking for a deal on the Ruger I came across the Palmetto State Armory Freedom and it seems to be an amazing rifle with an even better reputation. What I need help with is some advice on maybe which rifle would possibly be worth my money. If this belongs somewhere else, I apologize and I can repost it. Thanks for any help guys in advance.
  7. I made a bad decision and tried cleaning my bolt carrier key with a small patch. The patch got stuck in there, somewhere far in the back. What should I do?
  8. Hey guys, I built an AR and finally got my BCG in and went to go shoot it and I am experiencing problems. I can load a magazine, chamber and round and it will fire, but it will not extract the round and therefore not feed the next. Initially I thought it was an issue with my buffer and spring since i have an H2 buffer and i figured it was too heavy. So i swapped it with my buddies standard carbine buffer and spring, same issue. I swapped out my BCG with his, and same issue (my BCG worked flawlessly in his rifle. I was wondering what else it could be. something in the upper itself? or the gas system? and the best way to isolate what was happening. What I can say is that after firing a round, in order to pull back the charging handle and extract the round, it was a lot tougher to pull than it should have been, but thats really the only thing i noticed. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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