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Found 8 results

  1. Is there a way to identify my upper? I was told it was a milspec assembled by LMT it was just a standard A2 front sight with the plastic rail. I added a low pro gas block and a 15" troy alpha rail and Troy battlesights. it has a spikes tactical lower this is the only marking I can find. this is what it looked like when I got it.
  2. Folks I have said this for years on here, to other people building or replacing stocks in the AR and I will say it again. LMT makes the best buffer tube I have ever used, all Mil spec stocks tried with it works, the coating on it is slick and allows easy sliding, the best part it contacts the buffer detent pin on two sides and not one, and it is made out of 7075. The LMT is made with a index notch on the end of it located by the arrow, this allows the tube to hold the buffer detent in the rear and on the right side, the index notch also works as a stopping guide so you know you have not twisted it in too far for the detent to function properly if you have to remove buffer and buffer spring. I use LMT SOPMOD, B5 SOPMOD and B5 Bravo stocks and all of them I only use the LMT Brand buffer tube, buffer spring, and H Buffer. * Warning* If the buffer tube is not grey and does have this index notch on it, it is not a LMT. I had one show up this evening actually with a guy trying to tell me it was a LMT buffer tube and wanted me to install it on his rifle which I did but also told him he got burned and paid too much for a non LMT buffer tube. This is a LMT Buffer Tube:
  3. Folks I have a very gently used LMT Semi-Auto BCG for sale, as everyone knows there is no higher quality than LMT. This bolt does not even have the brass stains on the head. Bolt is Mil Spec 158 Carpenter Steel and all LMT bolts are HPT/MP tested bolt and Crane O-Ring, this bolt is MP stamped, where the newer ones are laser engraved. Carrier is Semi Auto, Chrome Lined, etc. Coating is Phosphate. $125.00 Shipped priority mail.
  4. Here are the specs: Anderson Manufacturing: Lower Anderson Manufacturing: LPK Anderson Manufacturing: Upper Anderson Manufacturing: BCG ADM: Aimpoint Throwlever Mount B5: Sopmod stock Bravo Company: Cold Hammer Forged Mil Spec 16" M4 barrel. Bravo company: A2 flash hider Bravo Company: Gun Fighter charging handle Bravo Company: Carbine gas tube Brownells: USA Made rifle case Brownells: Additional (2) 3 mag pouches for their case Gear Sector: Two point sling LMT: Buffer tube LMT: Buffer spring LMT: H Buffer KNS Anti-Rotation Hammer and Trigger Spring kit Midwest Industries: Gen 2 T-Series 10" rails Midwest Industries: Low pro gas block Midwest Industries: SPLP front and rear BUIS Aimpoint Comp M3 2 MOA Ergo: Ambi Grip Magpul: 10 pmags Magpul: Enhanced trigger guard SOG Vertical Grip and the photos: And complete rifle:
  5. Brown Santa arrived this evening at the house and I am so happy. The Box of greatness: After I opened the Box: First Item I opened was the spare barrel I got with this little jewel: Then came the Crown Jewel itself: and notice there is no more Patent Pending on these Uppers: Now just like everyone else there are certain tweeks that folks do to their stuff regardless if it is a new rifle or upper and while in the process of this everyone must have a Supervisor to perform this tasks correctly. Meet Perci my 14lb Supervisor. So the first two things I have done thus far is to remove the FA BCG and Charging Handle, these two items will be on route to Amelon Firearms for proper love and care, the BCG will be micro-sliked and the CH will be cerakoted. Then we replaced them with a Amelon Firearms Micro-Sliked LMT BCG and Armadynamics ACLM. Side Shot Okay more photos to follow, got to add a few things. Edit to add Photos: Ready for the range and to zero now, added Comp M4 and ICE Arms Sunburst Comp "Aimpoint Magnifier only there for zeroing purposes then will be removed to install the ARMS 41L and 41L-F Buis" Close up of the Sunburst
  6. Folks I know these complete rifles are hard to find now in stock with rumors they are two years or more back ordered, but just fyi Operation Parts has one, possibly more than one in stock and if anyone is searching for one here it is: LMT CQB MRP Piston
  7. Does anyone have experience with Core 15?? I have a LMT Defender lower with a double stage trigger. I am thinking about getting a Core 15 M4 complete upper for my LMT lower. The specs are right and the price is right. I am just not sure about the brand. Core 15 has a lifetime warrenty but I don't know if its worth getting. Keep in mind uppers are still very hard to find and I've only seen a CMMG for 200 more. Thanks guys!!!
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