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Found 6 results

  1. I have recently finished an AR build using some standard parts from reputable manufactures. My problem is that the magazine when fully loaded must be pressed with significant force to be properly seated and the mag to click into place. This is true using a PMAG and a standard GI magazine. When I remove my lower and insert a magazine it slides into place flawlessly. I recently upgraded and bought a new complete upper but am still using the same BCG. It doesn't require as much force to seat the magazine as it did before, but it is still nothing like it should be. Could any of you think of what could be wrong? the BCG seems to be just fine. It is properly staked and all that. The BCG is the only thing i can think of that might be the issue but want to be sure before going to spend 200 bucks on a new one. Thanks for the help!
  2. got 3 with a bolt. only need 1. used but in great shape. has numbers and an arrow in red sharpie on each. Would like to sell the set. $40 shipped for both paypal only to USA address only
  3. Bought this: http://www.comp-tac.com/product_info.php?products_id=32 not too long ago so I could carry a spare mag on my gun belt. I wasn't thrilled with the built in cant and they wouldn't make me one that was straight. Being the Comp-Tac fan boy that I am, I ordered anyway despite my reservations. It arrived today. Initial impression is good. Built to normal Comp-Tac structural and aesthetical goodness it seems. Has the normal allen head machine screw/rubber donut tension system that works well on their other products. My only reservation is it uses a "clip on-clip off" style belt loop instead of an actual loop. I'm thinking about fixing that, but may give it a run first without as it does seem secure as it is. The cant is not near as severe as the photos made it seem. It is noteworthy that while using a 30 round magazine the cant helps. I use straight bodied 20's thus my reservations. We'll see how it goes and I'll up. I have a multi-day class on the 22-26 coming up and we'll see how it survives.
  4. Hello! This past saturday I attempted to shoot my first NRA (position) high power match ... 200 to 600 yards since the accident that left me permanently disabled. In the slowfire stages, I was using an older Colt 8 round mag with a lucite "sled" insert, and the mag seated well and stayed in place. During the rapidfire stages, I was using a combination of Stone AR magazines, and ASC magazines ... all 10 rounders. I seated these magazines soundly in my lower, the same as I would seat the 20 rounders in my Service Rifle, and the "home made sled" I was using in slowfire. The problem is, sporadically, the Stoner and ASC magazines dropped from the mag well on their own accord, yet the older Colt magazine stayed in place. I would suspect the problem lies with the ASC and Stoner magazines, not my lower. What can I do to narrow the source of my problem (I will be open minded here, and allow the prospect it may be a lower problem). Once I can locate the issue, what can I do to correct the issue, since these are new magazines? Note: this rifle is a "home made" match rifle: Bushmaster XM15 lower mated to a White Oak Armament 26" match upper sporting a Wilson 1x8" match barrel. Sights are a Mid Tompkins front globe and the rear is an older Redfield Olympic 1/4 MOA with Merit adjustable iris. Thanks for any and all advice!
  5. Gunbot.net is a doo-hickey that someone built to find the best deals on ammo and magazines during this crunch. None of the deals are great, but there is a check box you can use to show only "in stock" deals. Some of these retailers I've never heard of or dealt with, but they say they have stuff, so good luck. http://www.gunbot.net/mags/ar
  6. I recently build a custom Ar 15 223 from the ground up and today went to the range to tear loose. I was immediately faced with an issue with feeding the shells into the chamber. When I would pull back on the charging handle the first round would fire and eject properly but when it went to reload the shell would stop at the base of the feed ramps with the bold behind the shell completely (hopefully ruling out any gas issues). This would happen off and on every now and then firing 4-6 shells in a row until the same problem occured. I am using thermold 30 rnd magazines in the gun and am kind of thinking they are the problem. Can anybody shed some light on this? the bolt carrier and bolt are completely oiled up and also both the upper receiver and the barrel are rifle (not M4)
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