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Found 5 results

  1. I just got this in an e-mail from a very close 40+yr friend of mine that has been in the process of assembling a side charge piston gun for a few months now. He's pretty ticked off.
  2. So I am sure that there are many opinions to be heard about this so i have been wanting a nice piston operated AR but can't make up my mind weather to buy a factory rifle or to go with a custom build. So i was hell bent back in the day of the 6 different Ruger SR-556 to buy one of the middle of the road ones but i never had the money. then once i had the money they had discontinued all the different models. now back then i looked into making a piston AR but decided that was a poor idea cause ever thing I read heard was either all the kits were complete shat and don't ever cycle right or they would ruin BCG after low round counts. so i am in a spot again were i can afford pretty much either but i don't know what factory build pistons are affordable but good quality such as minimal upper and lower play good BCG reliable piston system im not really looking to spend more than 2000 to 3000. i know there are plenty out there in 3500 up range that are great guns i just prefer not to spend that much. or do you guys think ill end up with a better rifle for that kind of money if i built it my self and if so what piston systems are good and have all the standards as factory rifles such as adjustable gas block decent quality rod and performance BCG that's purpose built for piston operation. I am really curious to find out what your opinions are and appreciate any input.
  3. As many of you have seen, recently I finished an Adams Arms carbine I completed using all their parts except their LPK and bolt assembly. Jtrain even called in a favor for me for them to pin the gas block on for me as I wanted it to be as factory reliable as possible especially since I intend to run a front sight on their railed gas block. I ordered two separate orders from them one containing the two stripped uppers, nuts and 24c trigger and their lower and extension kit in another. the first order arrived in less than a week and the receiver took 2 weeks. The later was understandable considering the whole FFL process and not to mention right slap in the middle of shot show. Once I got the parts I was quick to finish the build and noticed that with the inertia of the BCG running home the op-rod would stick on the plug. I contacted Jtrain and asked if he had ever had any issues like this before for which he had not. After some thought I made a conscious decision to take it out to the land anyways to see if it would work loose after a few rounds. The gun would only run on the full gas setting suppressed with M855 ammo and would short stroke any other way regardless of ammo used. A quick PM to Jtrain got me set up with Cody with Adams Arms' CS department. Hell Jtrain even originally offered to get it taken care of for me, that just show what kind of a stand up guy he is!!!. Ultimately Cody sent me a return label to ship it back to them and the whole process was under 2 weeks to get my rifle back. What impressed me the most about the whole situation was the fact they treated my build as it was there own and paid to have my whole rifle not just the upper sent back to them to be gone through!!! While there they even staked my castle nut and fully cleaned/lubed the gun while in their possession. This type of service was well beyond what I would have expected from anyone. This experience gives me a great since of comfort owning their product. I know some complain about getting a hold of them by phone and I agree it does indeed suck, but their responses by email are quick and in my opinion less pain stacking than a phone call. While some will frown that something like this got past their QC you have to realize that sometimes if a part is not full assembled into a working gun these type of thing may not be notice. before I even assembled the gun I manipulated these parts extensively and the two parts never stuck together. With parts being made in automated machines in production there are a lot of variable that can kill a batch like a tooling wearing out prematurely. I would have wrote about this earlier but I always hesitate until I give them a chance to correct the problem and even find out if it was my fault or not. Last thing I want is to start a beotch fest and bash a company with out due process. Again thanks Adams Arms, I look forward to taking it back out to the range.
  4. Hey everybody so im wondering how likely it would be for me to pick up a black rain for $1000 or less i would like a PG-2,3,5,6,or 9 i want it to be piston and would really perfer a PG-5 with a PG-3 barrel and stock on it if that is possible. so is this a complete pipe dream or is this do able. also i was reading a post earlier today and saw someone was looking for black rain reciver i wanted to let them know the have them on cheaper than dirt,firearms 4 less, tombstone tactical also has them.
  5. Folks I know these complete rifles are hard to find now in stock with rumors they are two years or more back ordered, but just fyi Operation Parts has one, possibly more than one in stock and if anyone is searching for one here it is: LMT CQB MRP Piston
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