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  1. Hello I am new to the AR platform and I'm needing help establishing what is wrong with my firearm. Every time I load a magazine and use my bolt release or charging handle to put a round in the chamber my BCG and charging handle get stuck and I have to mortar my gun every time to even use the charging handle. The gun is very inconsistent when firing with this. More than half the time of trying to fire, I'll pull the trigger and the hammer will fall and nothing happens. The trigger stays stuck in the back position and safety gets stuck on fire. Once I mortar the firearm the charging handle then of course unlocks the trigger and safety. There has been times though when I load only 4 rounds in a mag and after I have to mortar that first round, the firearm will shoot the other 3 like there is no problem. I am fairly certain that every time I loaded my mag the first round never fired. It was not until I mortared it a couple of times then maybe a round would go off or two or even three if i was lucky. Keep in mind I bought this firearm as a whole, this was my first time trying to fire the firearm and this is what happened. Since then I have lubed up the BCG and have yet to see if this makes a difference. My firearm is a Radical Firearms 6.5 Grendel and I have been using Hornady's Black 6.5 123 Grain ELD Please any response would be very very appreciated!
  2. I have wanted an Bushmaster AR15 since I was 12, I'm 48 now. I bought a used one on GunBroker for $540. I've done enough research to know it's a 2004 Bushmaster XM15 E2S. The lower receiver, collapsible stock, and barrel all have Bushmaster markings of some kind, but the fixed upper receiver has a mark near the peep sight adjustment that looks like a broken capital A. So did I but a pieced together junk rifle or a full Bushmaster?
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum and was hoping someone could help me out with an issue. I recently purchased a new charging handle (Blackhawk No-latch ambidextrous charging handle) for an AR pistol I own. After installing it, a new trigger assembly, new buffer tube and pistol brace, I dry fired it a few times to make sure everything was running properly. I noticed quickly that the charging handle was sticking while being pulled back so I heavily lubed the charging handle frame and grove of the upper assembly. It seemed to run fine for a few pulls, but as soon as the lube gets slightly worn down it began to wear away all edges of the frame again down to bare metal. I didn't have any issues with it on the standard charging handle that came with the gun. It has never been fired so I'm wondering if it is just a matter of breaking it in so the handle pulls smoothly and without damaging anything further, but I wanted to find out if the charging handle is just a dud and should be returned. Cheers, Stone.
  4. Hey guys I’m new here but I have a question about optics. I’m looking at a new 16 inch build and don’t know if I want to put an eotech, aimpoint like red dot, or the acog ta44 with the ACSS. I don’t want to go LPVO bc i already have a build like that. Does anyone one here have any experience with these optics? The application is a training, truck, farm, and WROL gun. It will have a hybrid weight 223 wylde barrel. It will be a 300yd and under gun for mostly training and pest control. What are y’alls thoughts? Thank you in advance.
  5. Was wanting to try a DIY project, just to see if it will work. Was going to sew in a powerful magnet into my pack, to see if I can use it as a mounting system. I'm not sure if this has ever been tried and I was curious if anyone would know if a magnet will destroy my red dot that I have installed. Vortex Sparc II if that matters.
  6. I've been researching getting some ideas and have narrowed down my choices to a few I think I life unless someone tells me another one better. What I'm concerned with is the price. I see some people talking about some ridiculously low numbers of what they paid for a Daniel Defense or BCM and I'm like I don't see those prices anywhere. So with that said I'll list the ones I'm looking at and what the prices I can get them for is. Daniel Defense M4A1 Mil Spec+ $1895 and local guns store BCM RECCE 16 Dark Bronze $1479 and local gun store SIG SAUER ELITE TI $1200 without optic at local gun store Springfield Armory Saint Edge $1100-$1222 depending on which store I go with here to order for me I was also checking ou the Saint Pistol but not sure if should go with an AR pistol. $955 at LGS. All of these have to special ordered no one near me has any of these guns in the store. I've heard some people saying the LWRC IC DI but I've not looked into it the price seems to be $1400 but I haven't checked what my LGS can get to me for this gun. These prices seem high from what price I see people on different forums talking about but I don't see these guns going for much less anywhere else maybe a couple hundred less but not $1200 or $1300 for the Daniel Defense like some people are talking. I really like the DD but seems very pricey and the BCM may be the one I get but I just don't want to get ripped off. Thanks or any help. I'm also up for any other gun suggestions you have if you think I should look at something else? I like the brown colors or dark bronze type colors but I guess I could do black if I have to and just add some brown accessories.
  7. hey guys, so i recently bought my first ar15 an Olympic arms, And my goal for it is to make it into somewhat of a drm set up. and since this is my first gun i have no clue on how a few parts work and operate like the gas tubes and such. At the moment im trying to find a barrel and i have had my eye on the white oak armament 18 inch that can shoot 5.56 as well as .223. My goal with the gun is to be able to hit 500 - 700 yards. I have no idea how the gas systems work for the gun and im worried if i get a new barrel ill run into a lot of issues with cycling another round. If you guys have any tips for a first time owner id gladly appreciate it. or what kinda of ammo would serve best. I know since what i want to do with the gun i would have been better off building one. I have no idea if olympic arms is a good manufacture of guns. Things i still need is a barrel a decent scope a better stock and a bi pod If you guys have any cheap yet solid ones id love to hear about it. Thank you for your time.
  8. Hi all! Christmas was great, got a new comp for my AR15 platform. In my excitement I wanted to get right to removing the flash hider and adding the new compensator. I messed up. With two people holding the gun at every place but the barrel, we made the barrel rotate and not the muzzle device. Immediately it was obvious since this is a free float system that the gas tube bent and went FUBAR. I then to my despair went searching the internet with the worst thoughts of "how bad did I mess this up? Do I need a new upper? How expensive could this get?". Not much came up but I did see a lot about shearing the index pin, which caused barrel rotation in similar attempts to remove muzzle devices due to no grip on the barrel. However, I am not using a simple barrel nut. This is an American Tactical Imports AR with the Head Down Provectus system, which uses their own barrel nut that is not only difficult to get off since our combo wrench doesn't line up, but I can't tell with this type of rifle if there is an index pin. I'm fairly green to building ARs. My father recently bought his own and we made some slight modifications in-house. This included removing his front sight and barrel nut to install a free float rail and a gas block/pipe to go with it. There were bumps on the way and we worked around them, no details since I'm digressing as-is. TL;DR: Attempted muzzle device removal, barrel rotated, new gas block on the way, anything else I should be concerned with such as the index pin, condition of my upper, etc? Any help is greatly appreciated, and preference is good news first if there is any, or worst news first if there is no good news.
  9. Took a carbine course with some buddies a couple weeks ago and I learned a lot. There is always more to learn and I would recommend taking a class if you have any near you. I am definitely going to be taking more classes when I can. Made a quick video of the course we went through at the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV9dNVBZx7A&t=4s
  10. I'm looking for a good gun safe for my AR-15s. I been looking around online and it seems like a lot of them are total garbage. I don't have enough guns for one of those 30 gun jammies, but I got a couple and I just want something thats a quality build. Also, if I live by the water should I also pick up one of these gun safe dehumidifiers? I just moved by the water and I have limited experience with all of this. Im not really worried about my older guns since they're just for fun plinking purposes, but I purchased a Sig Sauer for home defense and I want to keep it in good shape and keep it away from my kids. I read this article https://gunnewsdaily.com/reviews/best-gun-safes/ and was wondering if anyone here ever used any of them before. Any advice? Like I said, it doesn't have to be the biggest safe but one thats worth the investment. Thanx.
  11. I finally got my hands on a Raptor charging handle from Radian and I love it. It is by far my favorite charging handle I have used. it is ambidextrous and it has a great grip. It is lightweight for how large it is and has a great look to it as well. I have a couple ambidextrous charging handles and this one is the best built by far. Check out my review video for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUPbpjbQ3PU&t=149s Has anyone else used a Raptor charging handle?
  12. Hey guys, I just bought my first AR15 a month ago. I recently had a problem with it that I need help figuring out. Yesterday, I bought new springs (Hammer Spring, Trigger Spring, and Disconnector Spring), and replaced them in my AR15. Later, I noticed that after I have fired a round and I go to reset the trigger, the trigger will not reset, but instead as I release the trigger the hammer will fire again! This is a problem. I put back in the factory springs into the trigger group to see if it would go back to functioning as normal, but it still does it. It will fire, and then as I am releasing the trigger to let it reset, it will fire again. Does anyone know how to fix this? It will not operate correctly with the new springs or with the original factory springs, so it has to be something else. The following is a link to a video of me explaining and demonstrating my problem. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
  13. I've only owned an AR15 for a few months so I'm only a newbie. I purchased a DPMS Low Pro Classic that has a 16" Bull Barrel. I really want to replace the hand guard and get a Quad Rail to give me more options for mounting things. I particularly want to attach a couple of GoPros to it so I can shoot some footage of me using a rifle mount for Quadaplegics. The aim is to get more disabled people in my country into shooting. With so many options out there with a wide range of prices, I'm hoping someone can help me choose the right one for my rifle. The other thing is that I can't install it myself due to my disability so would it be best to get a gunsmith to install it or can they be installed by someone with a bit of help from YouTube? Any advice would be appreciated!
  14. Any suggestions on the best brake for recoil reduction without breaking the bank. Heard good things about the YHM phantom. Time to get rid of this standard A2 birdcage. Feel free to post pictures too. Thanks for the input!
  15. After months of buying parts, I finally assembled and fired my AR-15 Dream Build!! Comments/Suggestions Please! Not included in the list are: 1x Magpul 10 Round PMAG 3x Magpul 10/30 Round PMAG's Pelican 1700 Rifle Case Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling Cerakote - Midnight Bronze DROS Fee & New Gun License Final Cost: $2967.98 - Worth It!!
  16. So I just built my first AR-15. I was really excited and then i took it to the range and fired the first shot. I pulled the trigger again but nothing happend. I tried again, still nothing. I pulled the mag out (hexmag series 2) and pulled back the charging handle. It had ejected the cartridge and loaded the next one but something was going on and it wouldnt fire the next one. I could manually fire each round though. If anyone knows what could be causing this please comment. I lubed the gun using rem oil. I have a 16" carbine barrel, full auto BCG, and a carbine buffer and buffer spring. I was using 55 grain remington .223 ammuntion.
  17. Hi all, Just picked up my first AR and have been researching into the budget optics department. I think I want a variable power scope (maybe 1-4x or 1-6) for hopefully under 150$ as I am a college student. I found the Barska 1-4x28 (https://www.amazon.com/Barska-1-4x28-IR-Hunting-Scope/dp/B00AU68V46/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1476822580&sr=1-1&keywords=barska+1-4) and wanted to get some opinions on it. I'm new to the forum and do not get search abilities until 10 posts. Anyways, would love some recommendations for under $150 for a variable scope to get started with. If you think I'm heading the wrong direction in general, would love to hear that too. Erik
  18. Hi ladies and gentlemans, How are you, is everything all right? I am wondering 1 dimension and 1 diameter from pin hole center to stock beginning, please find in pictures. May you help me, pelase? Thanks.
  19. I'm purchasing a Daniel Defense M4 V5 S and have a few different optics I'm debating... I plan on using the rifle for target shooting, 10m-300m. The optics I'm eye-balling are... The Leupold AR MOD 1 3-9X 40mm Mil-Dot & the Vortex Venom Red-Dot (obviously I'd have to change them out) --OR-- the EOTech 518 w/ the G33 3X magnifier?? Also, would the Atlas BT10 work for shooting both from the prone and off a bench with a 30rd mag or would you suggest a 20 or even a 10rd mag?? Thanks for your help/advise in advance.
  20. Pretty interesting video from Dom Raso (12 year Navy Seal): https://youtu.be/2OhBBC_Cyeo
  21. update! What do you think about this? Black hole weaponry barrel Spikes receivers Moe grip parts kit by psa Not sure what bolt carrier to get I'd like to spend the majority of my cash on a good barrel and bcg, what would you recommend?
  22. I'm looking at upgrading my handguard on S&W M&P sport II handgaurd from its stock drop in to a free float. i have a 16" barrel and im looking into a 15" handguard. I know i will need a low-pro gas block but will i also need a new gas tube? or make any other sort of modifications to do this?
  23. So let me start with explaining what i am working with: Anderson Lower Spikes Enhanced LPK Magpul CTR stock w/ 7.25 buffer tube Generic 3oz buffer with standard carbine spring (spring measures 10.96" lg) Spikes stripped upped Anderson 16" CL barrel w/ mid length gas 1:7 twist AP muzzle brake Spikes BCG Anderson adjustable gas block 3 different brand mags 5.56 am eagle 55gr & hornady 223 55 grain So i just finished this build, second one i have ever done. Went to the range and did the normal load 1 in the mag and fire. Result bolt does not lock back on empty mag (short cycle). So i repeat this 20 times or so and adjust the gas block from closed to full wide open...all with same result. At about 10% open on the gas block, the casing ejects about 3 ft away at 3-4 o'clock, so its definitely getting gas. I took off the gas block to ensure it was lined up and it is dead nuts on the gas port. Gas key has no leaks and rings seem to be in spec. No blockages on gas tube or block. ran them threw my parts washer. I filled a 30rd mag with snap caps and cycle the rifle by hand, all 30 rds ejected and loaded flawlessly. I feel like I have covered the normal issues for short cycle so now I need some help on solving this one. I have also tried 2 types of ammo 5.56 and.223 (brands listed above) any input would be appreciated.
  24. I know there is a minimum requirement of 16 total inches of barrel on a rifle of any kind without a SBR tax stamp. Is there a MAXIMUM length of a barrel of a pistolized ar15? Can I have the shop cut and crown an upper I already have to a pistol length like 10.5 as long as the rest of the assembly meets pistol requirements like no stock, no second grip etc. I have an extra AR upper that is just sitting and for some reason uppers for a 10.5 pistol are more expensive than a 16" carbine. Thanks
  25. I am getting an accurized ar15 (CR6724) and want to get the best performing most comfortable palm grip on the market. Investing a lot of money in this rifle so money is not really an issue. Am interested in all opinions of all those with experience with this type of rifle. Would rather pay too much and assure excellent function. Thanks in advance, Wizzzard
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