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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so a little about me for starters. I've grown up around guns and have a decent knowledge but most of it comes from bolt action rifles. I've never used the AR-15 platform but have been looking at them for years. Initially I was just going to buy one but decided it would be a better experience to build my own. I've done some research and have decided to get a Mega stripped lower and ordered a lower parts kit without the trigger, trigger guard, etc. So the next logical step I guess is a trigger and work my way up. I've never shot a two stage trigger so I'm thinking I should go with a single stage as that's what I'm accustomed to with bench shooting. Can anyone recommend some good single stage triggers? And also I need to start looking at barrels. I looked at satern barrels but you basically have to order one from them the way you want it and I don't feel comfortable with my lack of knowledge placing an order yet. I'm looking at either a 16 or 18 inch barrel. So the big question is which one? Stainless steel or not? Chrome lined or not? Does satern even offer some of these options as their website doesn't say. Or can someone recommend some good barrels from someone else?
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