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Found 4 results

  1. New to this and decided to try to use this rail I found in my deceased brothers collection. I can't ask him where he got it. There are no markings on it and I have done hours upon hours of internet searching. Definitely more than I should have. Closet thing that might work is the BCM KMR barrel nut from Bravo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I attached a link to the images I put on Imgur. Hopefully this works. http://imgur.com/a/X9jTysR
  2. I've been researching getting some ideas and have narrowed down my choices to a few I think I life unless someone tells me another one better. What I'm concerned with is the price. I see some people talking about some ridiculously low numbers of what they paid for a Daniel Defense or BCM and I'm like I don't see those prices anywhere. So with that said I'll list the ones I'm looking at and what the prices I can get them for is. Daniel Defense M4A1 Mil Spec+ $1895 and local guns store BCM RECCE 16 Dark Bronze $1479 and local gun store SIG SAUER ELITE TI $1200 without optic at local gun store Springfield Armory Saint Edge $1100-$1222 depending on which store I go with here to order for me I was also checking ou the Saint Pistol but not sure if should go with an AR pistol. $955 at LGS. All of these have to special ordered no one near me has any of these guns in the store. I've heard some people saying the LWRC IC DI but I've not looked into it the price seems to be $1400 but I haven't checked what my LGS can get to me for this gun. These prices seem high from what price I see people on different forums talking about but I don't see these guns going for much less anywhere else maybe a couple hundred less but not $1200 or $1300 for the Daniel Defense like some people are talking. I really like the DD but seems very pricey and the BCM may be the one I get but I just don't want to get ripped off. Thanks or any help. I'm also up for any other gun suggestions you have if you think I should look at something else? I like the brown colors or dark bronze type colors but I guess I could do black if I have to and just add some brown accessories.
  3. Hello All... I'm new to this site and I have a question about the BCM RECCE KMR-A Pistol with an 11.5 inch barrel. Actually, I'm probably fishing for confirmation on what I'm planning to drop good coin on, even tho I know BCM makes quality products . I intend to follow the process to make it an SBR with the addition of a stock and perhaps a suppressor. This will be for HD and range use. Anyone have any experience with the BCM RECCE with an 11.5 inch barrel in pistol / SBR form ? Experienced any problems (cycling, etc..) ? Also, is the PNT trigger that much different than the USGI milspec trigger ? Hell.... are they the same thing ?? Thanks for ur opinions
  4. Hello, new here. Have a couple of questions. 1) I replaced the BCG's in two DPMS's, Recon and Oracle (both in 5.56) with Bravo Company BCG's. I have fired both with no issues but did not check the head space. These were both (at the time) very low round count (under 100 rounds) carbines. I kept the old BCG's for spares. Will this be an issue? what if I periodically switch back and forth to even the wear out? Question 2) Why are the hand guards on my 6920 not as fat as the ones in the pictures I see? They seem pretty skinny. I apologize if these things have been addressed here previously. I am not the most technically savvy person on the computer and I'm still figuring out how to navigate and utilize this site, which seems great. Thank you.
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