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Found 14 results

  1. This is the last item I need to complete the build of a 6.5 Creedmoor upper for my PA-10. Looking for recommendations for a brake/comp. Stainless barrel, 5/8-24 threads.
  2. Picked up a PSA "Space Force" lower today.
  3. It seems that everywhere I look, I see the BCM Gunfighter charging handle...I've never had a problem with my standard one. I suspect the issue may come in cold weather or gloved shooting but I'd like to hear why I should get one. The same question and reasoning goes to the ambidextrous bolt and mag releases as well as any other internal functioning upgrades short of a smooth trigger. I've only ever had stock products and only shot at ranges for the most part so I acknowledge my ignorance here. I'm a right handed shooter and I feel like some of the stuff is hype. What is really worth doing? Also, If I don't plan on converting to full auto or anything like that. Is there a benefit to an M16 bolt over the shorter (?or longer?) AR15 bolt?
  4. So as I build my new lightweight "zombies are in the streets" rifle, I'm also finishing my slightly heavier, "don't need to run around and shoot fast" rifle. The Zombie rifle won't have anything more than Magpul furniture with a compact VFG, Aimpoint, MBUS flip sights and a lightweight tactical light on it. And I'm welcome to ideas for what optic and light options would be best for weight and superior function. The rifle I already have has been a product of learning to not fear the self modification I'm having a little fun with it and here's what it is so far: Aero Precision lower with with the adjustable teflon screw for tensioning the upper Magpul CTR stock with MOE grip Really smooth, light trigger group (but I don't remember the name...it wasn't cheap) The upper assembly is all stock Rock River Arms heavy 16" mid 1/9 twist, chrome lined, etc I've removed the standard front sight post and replaced it with a low profile gas block and a 15" Midwest Industries M Lock slimline hand guard. For optics...I have the Trijicon 4x32 ACOG with RMR and Magpul MBUS offset flip up sights for back up. So here's where I'm in a quandary... I have a Harris 9" to 13" bipod that pivots but doesn't swivel. It just seems to bulky. I had the short one but promptly exchanged it as I was having trouble with clearing 30 round magazines off the ground or bench. I've looked at a few reviews of different bipods and feel like this is still a good unit. But theres still time to return/exchange it. There's a bunch of product on the internet and I'm open to Ideas. If I have a Molle vest or some kind of tactical gear on I could carry a quick release unit but I'm wondering what you'all prefer. If I can make it work, I'd prefer a mounted unit though. THOUGHTS???
  5. Hello all, it my first post here and I'm on my first build. I want a 16 inch barrel and I have many of my questions answered but I'm trying to get a consensus on twist. It seems that the military uses a 1:7, which I see a lot of online from BCM. But I also see a lot of 1:9. I don't see many 1:8 but it seems like a good compromise from what I understand about the most common ammo options. I'm not a reloader and not going for sniper like precision at over 300 yards. I generally get whatever common reputable company manufactured ammo is on sale (usually PMC). That's a standard load thats got a 55 grain bullet and its not loaded too hot. Since I've spent so much money making uneducated decisions and gaining extra parts, I thought I'd get some feedback here. The other question is about barrel extensions. I see them listed with barrels all the time and I don't know what the purpose of the extension is. Is it's purpose to adapt to M4 feed ramps or is there more that I'm missing? Thanks
  6. Hi all, I am in the process of building my first AR. I am the pistol team captain at Florida State and I have had the pleasure of using my team mates AR's during our USPSA drills during practice. There will now be a carbine division for the competitions at my home range and I couldn't wait any longer to begin my build My build will be competition oriented however my funds are somewhat limited being that I am a college student. So far all I have is a stripped anderson lower. I plan on purchasing a black hole weaponry barrel in the next few days however I still have not decided on an upper, or many other parts. Any suggestions
  7. Hello everyone, I'm no stranger to firearms, however, building one from the bottom up is a new thing to me. I'm trying to go with a semi-light weight build (10 lbs or under). I have a LW lower receiver picked out and was trying to find a good LW upper but most of the LW uppers don't include a forward assist or a dust cover, both being things I would like to keep. I will post what I currently have picked out below, I would like to ask for help finding a good quality LW upper (stripped). Thanks in advance everyone So far I'm looking at this for my build: Lower Receiver: Battle Arms Development (BAD556-LW Lower Receiver 7075-T6) - $269 http://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com/bad556-lw-lightweight-7075-t6-billet-lower-receiver LPK: Spike's Tactical Enhanced w/out FCG - $110 http://www.spikestactical.com/lower-parts-kit-enhanced-black-without-fctrigger-group-p-1239.html FCG: TR-Enabling Nickel-Teflon - $60 http://www.tr-enabling.com/product-p/0000ntfcg.htm Pivot Pin: Battle Arms Development EPP - $17.95 http://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com/bad-epp-enhanced-pivot-pin-ar15 Takedown Pin: Battle Arms Development ETP - $14.95 http://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com/bad-etp-enhanced-takedown-pin-ar15 Stock: Magpul ACS Mil-Spec - $89.95 https://www.magpul.com/products/acs-carbine-stock-mil-spec Grip: Ergo Grip 4045 - $43.50 http://ergogrips.net/products/ergo-rifle-grips/tactical-deluxe/ergo-tactical-deluxe-grip.html Buffer Tube Kit: BCM Milspec Carbine Stock Mounting Kit - $57.95 http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/Stock-Hardware-Mounting-Kit-Mil-Spec-p/bcm-stock-hardware-kit.htm Optic: EOTech 512 Holographic - $428.99 http://www.midwayusa.com/product/1868453878/eotech-512-holographic-weapon-sight-68-moa-circle-with-1-moa-dot-reticle-aa-battery Barrel: Faxon 16” Heavy Fluted 5.56 Mid-Length - $249 http://faxonfirearms.com/16-heavy-fluted-5-56-nato-mid-length-416-r-stainless-steel-qpq/
  8. I am planning on building my first AR-15, and having a hard time figuring out where to start. I have found build lists online but most are vague and do not offer good resources on finding quality parts. I guess I need help figuring out what I should buy first? Also what companies make the best parts? When it comes to lower receivers, do I get a complete or 80%? Upper receiver do I get a complete or build my own? I am looking to build a good all around rifle that is sturdy and reliable. Any help would be great.
  9. Here Is the problem I have had three bcg the have done this they have all been nickel boron. The gas key is binding to the gas tube. I have read that nib coatings are too thick but it has been three different nib Bolt carrier groups. The newest is a spikes and it is awesome if it cycled. Do you think I can take super high grit and paper and just rotate it in the gas key to take a Little coating off or do you think the Gas tube is the problem? Without gas tube cycles fine.. If I take super high grit sand paper and rotate a couple times like a simulated wear in period would it hurt the gas key? Spike upper and lower stag 2 stage trigger Cobra 18 inch fluted barrel Spike nib bcg
  10. First of all, I want to say thank to everyone who is willing to help us newbies get educated in the world of AR rifles. I, for one, find this thread to be invaluably insightful and am truly appreciative of all the advice. All you readers of this post have undoubtedly forgotten more than I will ever learn about ARs, and I feel fortunate to benefit from a fraction of your experience and knowledge. So, here's where I stand. I just bought an Anderson stripped lower and a PSA MOE QMA lower parts kit. I want to build an economical tactical style AR. Please keep in mind that I have absolutely no knowledge apart from some online research. I am doing this because I've been interested for awhile and Uncle Sam says I can, for now. I was thinking about getting a PSA fully assembled upper, but I would really like to have a MI Gen 2 SS free float hand guard. And, I've decided on a gas platform. Basically, if I were to assemble my own upper receiver and barrel (not penciled), I don't know which would accommodate the Midwest rail to keep me within a relatively affordable range. Additionally, I don't know anything about BCGs or charging handles, except that I would need them and better quality is preferable. Anyways, I think that will get me a good start. Please refrain from making derogatory comments on the Anderson lower, if you are so inclined. It's been purchased, it's in my possession, and it's being used, so that's that. I'm just excited to get started on this project and am looking forward to your suggestions.
  11. I am a beginner with the AR15 and just thought I would share an idea I came up with to help me with the bolt catch roll pin... I have not seen anything like this on the market so I made my own tool... I think it's handy, maybe someone else will too. Link to video of me using it: Link to me modifying the tool: Part 1 Part 2 Thanks! Ed.
  12. Hello AR15A, I'm new to the forums, relatively new to the AR15 platform, and entirely new to the AR10/AR10-style platform. I think this is the right place to put this, I didn't see a "noob" forum for introductions. This might get a little long winded, so I'll include a TL;DR at the bottom Late last year I was thinking of buying an AR15; I'd been interested in semi-auto rifles for some time, but didn't have the knowledge or the experience to differentiate one from another. So, after some time (months) Googling and reading various AR-related forums, I felt I'd learned enough to try and put my own together instead of buying one off the shelf. I wasn't confident enough to try putting the upper together on my first try, so I went with a complete upper, and bought a stripped lower. I ended up building the following: - Noveske/VLTOR MUR Upper, 14.5" Noveske Afghan Poly Barrel w/ 13.5" NSR, pinned Battlecomp 1.5 & Gunfighter CH Mod 4 - Noveske Gen 1 lower - DD LPK (kit was ~$99, I was very surprised at how much I liked the trigger) - VLTOR EMOD stock kit - Troy Tritium BUIS (M4 style front post) - TangoDown full-size QD VFG - Aimpoint PRO - Larue A-PEG grip and sling - Other misc Noveske furniture like Keymod/QD sling attachment, pivot/takedown pins, and QD end-plate I had a blast building that rifle, and I am very happy with how it shoots. I haven't been able to take it out past 100 yards but it's been shooting sub-moa when I've done my part. It definitely shoots FAR better than I do, and will likely continue to do so for some time. So, after becoming accustomed to the rifle, I started feeling the want of a larger caliber. The Noveske is phenomenal, little to no recoil/muzzle climb, and it's very easy to use, but I started looking at the AR-10 style rifles. I've done a good amount of reading, and come up with a build list that I'm happy to share with you all. Please feel free to critique as you see fit: - Mega MATEN upper/lower ambi combo /w Maten MKM keymod extended rifle length handguard - Black Hole Weaponry 18" 308B Match Grade Bull Profile Rifle Length Gas System, .936 Gas Block - 1x11 twist, threaded, no fluting - SLR Sentry 9 adjustable gas block + SLR rifle length gas tube - Surefire Muzzle Break - Magpul PRS w/ standard A2 buffer tube, Slash Heavy rifle length buffer + spring - JP .308 lightweight full BCG (JPBC-4A) - DD LPK So far that's it. I'll definitely add glass, BUIS and a bipod at some point, but to start I'll probably swap what I have on the 5.56 back and forth; the reasoning behind the Surefire is that I'd like to shoot suppressed in the future. I'll probably swap out the MEGA CH for a Raptor Ambi .308 CH as well. It depends on how much I like the MEGA. Lastly, I'll likely take it to a gunsmith at some point in order to have the bolt headspaced (not sure if I can send BHW the bolt and have them match it to a barrel, or the barrel to JP to match it to a bolt) and the brake and gas block pinned or looked at if I decide to do that myself. There you have it. TL;DR: Built an AR15, had fun, love the rifle. Want to build AR-10 style rifle. Build list(s) above - MATEN build list not entirely complete yet.
  13. Just need to install my BCG and Charging handle and it will be complete.
  14. Finally completed my lower assembly!
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