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Found 2 results

  1. I never thought I'd see a new AR for that sort of price again. Bear Creek "Brown Bear" carbine, 223 Wylde chambering. $299.99 Yea, I know it's a bargain basement type of gun, but still... https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/bca-brown-bear-i-complete-ar-15-rifle-16-m4-barrel-223-wylde-1-9-w-standard-hand-guard-a2-front-sight And of course, out of stock.
  2. After reading a couple of posts in the forums today I was thinking a bit. (and I didn't even strain myself! ) Maybe consider adding a new forum in the Equipment Supply area for links to deals. Both from dealer sales and possibly great deals as seen on other forums from private sellers. I get some of the sale flyers from a bunch of vendors but not from everyone. for example, somebody in Chris's primer thread mentioned free shipping at Brownell's. Somebody else mentioned a deal on a pair of Dillon presses on the great big "whose at the bench" thread. This would not be for posting your own stuff. We already have that thread. What do youse think? Or am I missing a current place to post this stuff?
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