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Found 9 results

  1. Thank you Bravo Company for providing the highest quality upper recievers on the PLANET!!!! I had a HORRIBLE experience with this place called joebob outfitters and I found bravo company and I need nobody else! its so great to just fill your cart up with everything you need one one web site and pay shipping once and recieve everythng at once for a build! Please stay away from this joebob outfitters they have absolutley horrible customer service and act like they are the FBI or ATF they make you answer a million very very personal questions when you order from them its INSANE they made me so incomfortable I just said nevermind and got the heck outta there these people are SKETCHY they might have what appears to be a lil lower prices on certain items but almost 100% of the time those discounted items are flawed, blemished or returned items its almost like they deal strictly in second hand equipment but you dont find out till you have the package and its too late then you have to pay return shipping and a 20% restocking fee, their VP was extremely rude to me, check their google reviews if you dont take my word for it or think that its an isolated incident please look for your self do not shop at joebob outfitters please. BCM is AWESOME! cheers!
  2. I am planning on building my first AR-15, and having a hard time figuring out where to start. I have found build lists online but most are vague and do not offer good resources on finding quality parts. I guess I need help figuring out what I should buy first? Also what companies make the best parts? When it comes to lower receivers, do I get a complete or 80%? Upper receiver do I get a complete or build my own? I am looking to build a good all around rifle that is sturdy and reliable. Any help would be great.
  3. wes556

    DPMS LR308

    Ok, So I bought an AR10. I have an optic in route for Wednesday, My day off for the week is Thursday. Instead of wasting ammo twice sighting in twice (dies are in route). I am going to add a rifle length hand guard, local guy has a troy in stock for a sweet deal. Will a AR15 gas block work on a AR10? He has low profile gas blocks in stock ( lil high priced but good quality) id just shave the gas block down but its a railed gas block. (never done it should have in many cases with my FSBs) Edit: He lives a half mile away. I do not own a 308 vice block but can use his. I'd like to knock all this out in one sitting so I do not want half a precious day off fiddling with stuff
  4. Works on the SR25 platform, AM-10, DPMS, POF, CMMG, etc; bolt carrier is chrome lined and made from 8620 steel, bolt is made from 9310 steel, each bolt is shot peened and MPI tested, phosphated finish, chrome lined gas key staked properly, cam pin, chrome plated firing pin, retaining pin, ready to drop in your upper! http://www.andersonrifles.net/index.php/308-win-bolt-carrier-group.html#.UfL1h_go7IV
  5. KE Arms is having a 4th of July Sale! CMMG AR-15 Lower Parts Kits are on sale for only $57.95- http://www.kearms.com/ar15-lower-parts-kit We have great deals on other parts you need as well! Billet Lowers Forged Lowers Barrels Carbine Receiver End Plate with QD Sling Swivel Attachment .308 Lower Receiver Parts Kit Billet 80% KE.308 Lower -KE Arms
  6. Hey Everyone! KE Arms is having a 4th of July Sale and our CCMG AR-15 Lower parts kit is on sale for only $57.95! You wont find a deal like this anywhere! Get them now while you can! http://www.kearms.com/ar15-lower-parts-kit -KE Arms
  7. 100 in stock ready to ship, thank you http://www.andersonrifles.net/index.php/shop-parts/new-parts/16-m4-carbine-length-contour-barrel-chambered-5-56-223-with-a-1-8-twist.html#.UaiewPgo7IV
  8. Memorial Day Weekend Deal! FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders over $100.00 http://www.andersonrifles.net Have a great weekend Tom
  9. Im new here but looking for some info. does anyone know if Vltor is going out of business. They just told me that they are just now fulfilling january orders because they cant find materials to make their parts. last december i was told my parts should be sent in april and now they say they dont have blanks for their parts. I have also heard from other secondary suppliers that they have heard that Vltor is going out of business because they cant make parts to sell. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this or not.
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