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Found 7 results

  1. Post them up gents!! Edit to add: My latest two SBRs' LMT MRP CQB 10.5" DI Magwell Shot Anderson Manufacturing 6.8 with 12.25" Barrel DI Magwell Shot
  3. I've been researching getting some ideas and have narrowed down my choices to a few I think I life unless someone tells me another one better. What I'm concerned with is the price. I see some people talking about some ridiculously low numbers of what they paid for a Daniel Defense or BCM and I'm like I don't see those prices anywhere. So with that said I'll list the ones I'm looking at and what the prices I can get them for is. Daniel Defense M4A1 Mil Spec+ $1895 and local guns store BCM RECCE 16 Dark Bronze $1479 and local gun store SIG SAUER ELITE TI $1200 without optic at local gun store Springfield Armory Saint Edge $1100-$1222 depending on which store I go with here to order for me I was also checking ou the Saint Pistol but not sure if should go with an AR pistol. $955 at LGS. All of these have to special ordered no one near me has any of these guns in the store. I've heard some people saying the LWRC IC DI but I've not looked into it the price seems to be $1400 but I haven't checked what my LGS can get to me for this gun. These prices seem high from what price I see people on different forums talking about but I don't see these guns going for much less anywhere else maybe a couple hundred less but not $1200 or $1300 for the Daniel Defense like some people are talking. I really like the DD but seems very pricey and the BCM may be the one I get but I just don't want to get ripped off. Thanks or any help. I'm also up for any other gun suggestions you have if you think I should look at something else? I like the brown colors or dark bronze type colors but I guess I could do black if I have to and just add some brown accessories.
  4. Can anyone recommend any outdoor (public) ranges in IL ? I suppose, more specifically, somewhere in the Chicago burbs ? Or perhaps something just over the border into Wisconsin or Indiana ?
  5. Any suggestions on the best brake for recoil reduction without breaking the bank. Heard good things about the YHM phantom. Time to get rid of this standard A2 birdcage. Feel free to post pictures too. Thanks for the input!
  6. The raccoons and possums are working on the bird feeders again this Spring. Last year I dispatched the trouble makers with my trusty old 870, but I would really like to use a rifle. I am quite embarrassed to admit I missed a huge raccoon with my AR at 2:30 AM this morning from about 40 yards. I believe it was a combination of just waking up, hurrying the shot, and not compensating enough for the down hill angle. But no excuses, I should have nailed her. My concern is the loud report of the AR. Even though I don't have real close neighbors, the guy about a 1/4 to half mile East of me is a real jerk. I really don't want to be talking to a Sheriff's Deputy at 2:30 in the morning in nothing but boxers. Having said that, I have shot in the early morning before without problem, and have heard other shots from other neighbors in the past. I presumed they were taking care of a coyote, fox, bobcat, coon, as they have cattle and/or chickens etc. No way to get a can right now, still illegal in Illinois. I think we will get it eventually, a Republican and a conservative Democrat legislator have co-sponsored suppressor legislation, but with the State on the verge of bankruptcy, the new can law is gong to have to wait, methinks. SO: Will a .22 magnum cleanly dispatch a LARGE raccoon and/or possum given a decent shot placement, without counting on a head shot? What is the availability of .22 magnum ammunition? I presume I should be using the heavier bullets. It would be nice to hear from some of my Illinois or Northern Kentucky brothers in arms regarding ammo availability. Really not too worried about the price, as I have a .22 LR for plinking. I just want to make sure I can get it, even if I have to do it on-line.The magnum would really be primarily for dispatching critters. Does anybody think I am being too concerned about sound levels from the AR in 5.56, or the 12 gauge for that matter? Most of the guys around here can tell the difference between the sound of a shotgun and a centerfire rifle. IMO, the 5.56 has a significantly louder and "sharper" report than the 12 gauge. Don't want anyone getting the idea there is deer poaching afoot. I'll take any advice I can get, and I will sheepishly turn in, knowing I missed a shot I should have made. I sure don't want to wait until she drops her litter. The good thing is she was not a two legged varmint, and was not shooting back. John BTW: One thing I will be doing this weekend is putting up some ground level targets in between the bird feeders and the big maple tree, and making sure I am dialed in for the change in elevation.
  7. Well, I hate selling any of my personal guns and find myself only doing so when I want another one! This is exactly what the title says. All Palmetto State and Magpul(Moe stock, Moe+ Grip, polymer trigger guard and Moe Handguard and Cardinal Forge carry handle. Never fired. I will include on Magpul PMag with the purchase. Looking for $1575 shipped to FFL, firm. email me at jchtrh at alaska dot com for payment details. you can also PM me. Very nice rifle at a decent price. I am a FFL holder, so buy with confidence.
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