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Found 2 results

  1. After months of buying parts, I finally assembled and fired my AR-15 Dream Build!! Comments/Suggestions Please! Not included in the list are: 1x Magpul 10 Round PMAG 3x Magpul 10/30 Round PMAG's Pelican 1700 Rifle Case Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling Cerakote - Midnight Bronze DROS Fee & New Gun License Final Cost: $2967.98 - Worth It!!
  2. I have been attempting to load AR ammo from various manufactures powders using the recommended charts from each and I have been taking the middle of the load and loading rounds at that middle ground of what the manufactures have put out. I have been going to the range and since I cant afford a chronograph, I have been attempting to shoot for accuracy at 100 yards. Now one would think that you could throw the round at 100 yards and hit the target. Well, no so true. So, went and called Lake City and talked to a tech there, attempted to talk to someone at the company that took over manufacturing of my weapon system and even the powder manufacturers. I have been pouring over books and online bullet data. My problem is: I can fire off the first round of x bullet weight at Y powder load, all made on the same press,etc. and what I am getting is the first round going off, getting spent case ejection, however no second round pick up. I have to manually load the next round, fire, eject, not pick up, manually load, fire, repeat. After about three differant loads, bullet weights, etc. I wanted to send the weapon off to have a expert look it over, offer some trick parts or work, but have failed to find someone in my area. So back to the books and such. A concencous of opinions is that the bolt had enough reverse movement to eject the spent case, but was not moving far enough to the rear to pick up the next round. This was proven by another shooter allowing me to use his ammo that was loaded to the upper powder end of the scale and the rounds just loaded and fired as fast as I could pull the trigger. What I have discovered is that the round for the .223/5.56 operates with various loads that are very close to each other, not in the powder loads, but in the operating FPS (feet per second) range. I reloaded some bullets using the half way powder weights, however looking through all the materials and talking to differant people, this particular round should have been running around 3100 FPS which was the very top end of this particular manufacturers load chart. Not so bad, I only had 100 rounds to pull and reload. Another weight of bullet and powder FPS was so low to the recommended 2975 fps, I am surprised that the round made it out of the barrel at all. As I get a data chart put together on differant loads, powders and recommended FPS, I will put it up here for you all to look at, but mind you, any use would be at your own risk. Just as an end note; I am finding that the weights and types of bullets from an AR with a 20 inch barrel is roughtly between 2850 and 3300 FPS muzzle. I am sure there are many of you that know this already, but the more data you have, the better decisions you can make.
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