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Red Stickers On CCW At The Capital


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With recent surge of CCW holders carrying guns to the capital building, Gov. Steve Beshear is upholding a decision to require all individuals carrying concealed firearms to wear a red sticker. Gov. Beshear says he has no intention of infringing on anyones right to carry legally, but supports the idea that the stickers help LEO identify those individuals with firearms. On the other hand however a big red sticker defeats the purpose of the "concealed" part of the CCW.


Personally, I think more people should carry guns to Frankfort. And so far as LEOs needing to identify the individuals legally carrying guns, why? I would think a good cop could identify a gunman in the case of a shooting by looking for the gun, not the big red sticker. IMO. No offense to any LEOs, not implying any of you are stupid, only that the reasoning given behind the stickers implies it. If I were an LEO, I would be offended.


At the same time, I could see how the stickers could be useful to the cause. It does no good for more and more people to legally carry to Frankfort in support of the rights if no one knows they're excersing their rights. Maybe when someone realizes that everyone at the capital building has a red sticker on their chest, they'll start to understand how serious about gun ownership we are.


God Bless The Bluegrass State

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Are you kidding? How about making people wear a yellow Star of David on their clothes?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not by any means in favor of the stickers. I think it defies the purpose of the CCW, and can cause unnecessary awkwardness. I'm just looking for some positive aspect to what is otherwise a negative circumstance. I think as long Beshear continues to support the idea, despite the public outcry from gun owners in Kentucky, then we should find a way to use it to make a statement.


People are oppressed only if they allow themselves to be. This is an oppertunity for us to take something designed to oppress and use against the bureaucracy. I'm all in favor of that.

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