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Stopping power another study


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Seems kind of interesting to me:






I don't have a .44 but most from the lower end up to the 10mm. Nothing beats the .357 for a nightstand gun for any user IMO but my little .22 with the 5.5" barrel can hit close to 1400 FPS with a HP bullet and I can pump 10 in a dime size hole fast. I tell everyone if it come down to it and that was all I could get too I still feel good about my chances!

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That's the very best article on stopping power I've ever read. After using a gun in self-defense a few times, I myself established the same view. TBH, Accuracy is far more important to me then how big the round is. I wish he'd made that point, but the article sort of indicates it.


When I was carrying, I carried a .22 revolver. Not because of any extraordinary stopping power, but because; while under stress, I could easily hit the threat I regularly dealt with (violent, wild dogs) in the head on the move. Whenever I DID end up shooting, it was like dirty harry with a .22. 1 shot kills.


I can't imagine the larger caliber 9mm I had at the time doing that good.

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As much as I love the 10 and load it hot. My preferred carry piece would probably be a 40 or 9mm. I've always said that it's better to have any gun than no gun at all. That is the problem with carrying large hand cannons. If it's feasible then carry your 10 but some times in hot weather it's not and having any caliber on your side is much better. I know a guy that carries a small 38 spl everywhere and no it's not that powerful but it's infinitely more powerful than having you gun at home and being arm less.


On another note, I would believe that most encounters that would require lethal force would be at short range (across a room distance) and if practiced with your side arm of choice you should have no problem being able to deliver rounds on the threat. So magazine capacity comes into play in delivering multiple shots. And I agree with the psychological effect of the gun going off. Most guys will run as soon as the first round is fired no matter the caliber. It's a oh shat moment the guy has a gun.

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To be brutally honest, as much as I love my G20, I actually turn in my best shooting with my old tried and true 1911 45ACP. For example, as part of my never ending war against the racoons, I have taken three shots with my .45 (all running shots), one shot with a .357magnum (stationary), and four shots with my 10mm (all stationary). The final score: Three hits with the 1911, one hit with the magnum revolver, and...uh...four misses with the Glock (oh, the shame of it all!).


I console myself with the knowledge that if those four shots were taken against four gang-bangers I would have scored four torso shots, as each racoon escaped by less than an inch. But what if I were to face Johnny-Jihad wearing an explosive vest and only had one or two seconds for a headshot. Rats, this means that I have to buy a 1911 in 10mm for my hip and put the Glock in a shoulder holster as backup. This is going to get expensive before it is all over with.

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I do agree that shot placement is the best "guarantee" of "stopping" somebody, and anything that hits you in the head is

bad, but the reason I CCW [iWB] my 10MM with the 200 gr XTP "hunting rounds" is to be able to defend myself against the

"unknowns" which can defeat smaller calibers; thick clothing, helmets, barriers, longer range, etc.


I mean who can say what "scenario" you might find yourself in, and isn't it better to be prepared ? I used to just carry my

1911 - 10MM when I was out in "the country", but after seeing a number of stories about wild hogs, bears, mountain lions,

wild dogs, etc. I decided I would be better prepared [out there] with this:



Marlin 1895M - .450 Marlin with Hornady 350 gr FP's [2000/3200]



This rifle is a "cannon", but with the ported barrel and "Limbsaver" butt-pad it's easily handled, fast and accurate, [and] only

about 7 pounds which is pretty nice. This rifle drips with "stopping power" and nothing walking, crawling or flying can match it.

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