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Charter arms or Taurus conversion

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Has anyone done the Taurus 405 or Charter arms bulldog conversion?I'm not a big Taurus fan.I would like to get my hands on a Charter to see if the ejecters would be long enough to eject the 10mm.If not I think I might try the Taurus.I have a 610 5'' it's a little to big for CCW.I don't have the cash for a 310.I think these might be a good alternative.

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Both revolvers are designed to handle a 44 special length cartridge which is longer than the 10mm auto. I would be very surprised if the ejector wouldn't do the job.


I am kinda on the lookout for a Taurus 405 for this very purpose. I already have a 10mm reamer, so it should be a no cost conversion for me on that gun.

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I have a nib 405 that I bought just for that purpose, have the reamer too just haven't had the time to work on it, need to finish my GP-10 before I start another one. I think the Taurus is a much better quality pistol than the Charter.

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