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Which Conversion Ar 15 or M1 carbine

M1 carbine or Ar 15  

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  1. 1. Which would you prefer?

    • Ar 15 in 10mm
    • M1 Carbine

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It is about the same amount of work, except with the 10mm, you don't need to open the bolt face as much, but you do need to make a mag well conversion to use different mags, i am going to use 1911 mags.

If it is any help I've had significant success with 40 S&W and 10mm out of a promag .45 uzi mag in an AR


Macon Armory

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In the spirit of the M-1, what about building the 10mm on a Ruger Mini-30? Could that work? I have a donor rifle in my safe that probably hasn't been fired in 5 years. I was thinking of doing a rebarrel anyway because stock, it is miserably inaccurate. I just checked the bolt face and it seems that it would work. The magazine holds 5 rounds and the feed lip angle would need to be adjusted as well as putting a block at the rear of the mag and welding feed lip extensions to the front. then it would probably require tuning of the gas orifice in the barrel to get the proper piston force to cycle the action. I think I found my next project!

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I like the carbine, having it with 15 round capacity would be better still. I wrote Ruger some time back about a Deer Slayer chambered in 10mm and response was dismal. I wrote Marlin before they were consumed by Freedom Group of Cerberus Capital Management LP to see if they could produce a carbine as well with that falling on deaf ears.

There are quite a few using the MagTech product with good results...

Some day maybe!

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