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Midwest Industries Handguards

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Here are a couple of my plain Jane Bushmasters I dolled up a bit with some new handguards from Midwest Industries, and a Vltor E-Mod Stock. The M-4 is a A-1 Model, and the rifle is a 20" A-2. Both have the non removable carry handle. The Midwest Industries Handguards are really nice. Being a machinist, I don't see how they can make them for the price they charge. When I opened the box I was greeted with flawless machining, and an all but perfect fit. While you don't really need it, I purchased the Tapco AR-15 Handguard Removal Tool. For $15.00 it was well worth it. It gives you plenty of leverage, and makes changing out the handguards a much easier job. The Tapco wrench is heavily rubber coated, and you will not mar the finish on your gun.


These handguards were perfectly machined, and while it was a very close fit, they went right on and were nice and tight and exhibited no movement after they were installed. They really are a nice improvement over the plastic factory handguards. As you can see, they also allow for much better cooling of the barrel and gas tube as well.


I really like the Vltor E-Mod Stock also. It adds a little extra weight to the weapon which helps it balance better, and it also give you almost a full inch added to the overall length of pull when compared to the factory stock supplied with the weapon. I have long arms so that really helped with stock fit and cheek weld. The picture below shows both guns before I installed the upgraded stock and handguards. (The A-2 is in the middle, and the M-4 is to the right of it). A really nice inexpensive improvement that was well worth it.




For anyone looking for AR-15 stocks and forends, check out Man Venture Outpost www.manventureoutpost.com They have really good prices, along with good service, and very fast shipping. I ordered the items on Thursday afternoon, and they were delivered Saturday morning Fed Ex Ground. That is from Arlington, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona. They sent an E-Mail confirming shipping within a couple hours. Good people to deal with. They have a really good selection as well.

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Very nice selection of BR's you have there....congrats :thumb:

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Nice you cannot beat a good set of MI Handguards now.

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