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Where to shoot AR

Joey Kelly

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Anyone know where I can shoot my AR besides a short indoor range in middle tn?


nRange in Madison has an indoor 17 yard (50 ft) range. They allow rifles and shotguns on Thrusdays and Sundays...


You gotta luv this state... for it to be the "patron state of shooting stuff"... it sure is hard to find a place to shoot rifles... :sad:

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Other places that you can go and shoot any rifle or Handgun is Cheatham County Game Reserve just outside of Ashland City Tn. They have Huge Dirt Berms to catch the Bullets and keep them from traveling out of the range. Next time you have some time to search the internet for Gun Ranges in your area try & do a Google Search, then do a search on Bing.com . I was amazed at all of the information that was given to me on Bing, but wasen't availible on Google, and I have No idea why? Unless it's like the Owner of Riflegear.com told me about Google NoLonger advertising Guns like they use too?


Happy shooting :wink:

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Gallatin Gun club but you will either need to find a buddy or get on the wait list. IIRC before I deployed the waiting list was about 3 years. I shoot at Davidson County Sportsman's Club (200+ yards). The wait there is not nearly as long. I think I waited about a year and the rates are awesome. There is also the Hunters Ed center down between Mt Juliet and LaVergne on the south side of the lake. Chetham WMA as previously mentioned but that can get damn near dangerous. It is a supervisor free range and last time I was there I had to stop the firing line as some dumbass went down to change targets while everybody else was still shooting.


Once I get back from Asscrackastan in Jan, give me a shout and we can do to DCSC one day when we are both off.

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