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Taurus vs Charter Arms 40 S&W

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Has anybody gotten ahold of one of these ?

Looks like they could be converted into 10mm.


The Taurus 405B is a 40 S&W, 5 shot that uses

moon clips.


The Charter Arms 74020 is a 40 S&W that head

spaces in the cylinder and uses a unique way to

extract cases; similar to the S&W 547 (9mm).


Both are five shooters and seem to have cylinders

that are long enough. One question would be; can

they handle the pressure increase from 40 S&W to


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It is only 2500 psi difference (35,000 for 40S&W, 37,500 for 10mm). In general proof cartridges are far, far, far more overpressure. From a functional perspective they can be considered equal in my mind.


I just talked with a gunsmith about this today (reaming a 40 S&W revolver to accept 10mm). He said he wouldn’t do it on a Taurus or Charter Arms. He would do it on a S&W.


Still looking for a gunsmith as I'm convinced it would be a safe mod.



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I doubt it has to do with specific concerns about this conversion, and general concerns about Taurus and Charter Arms. Lots of gunsmiths I have talked to will not do any work on the guns other than repair as they feel the platform does not merit investment.


Same often goes for 1911 work. Usually good gunsmiths require you to send them a Colt or Springfield base gun, and won't work with anything else. Reason are several. Frames not matching specification, which results in cost increases as the frame must be modified before the custom work can begin, concern over the longevity of the frame, and most often concern over market perceptions of the gunsmiths work if it is applied to a low quality base gun.


Just buy a reamer and do it yourself. Brownells sells them for about $80 bucks.

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