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Suggestion For Millet Rear Sight Replacement

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I would like to hear from members as to what options there are to replace the Millet rear adjustable sight of AMT 10 MM Javalina . I have some potential possibilities, may be some of you already have first hand experience to guide me on this subject ;


1- 1911A1 Gold Cup Elliason adjustable rear sight looks very similar in the photo ,is it a drop-in replacement ?


2-Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 mag adjustable rear sight also look very similar, is it a drop-in replacement ?


3-Millet sight for S&W Models 39 and 59 . In the photo it appears a similar Millet sight was mounted on a dove-tail piece ,but yet it seems it may be removed from the dovetail feature to be used as a stand-alone rear sight . Anybody tried it ?


4-Dove Tail cut of Javalina slide and use a Bomar type rear sight (this my last resort )


Your inputs appreciated,



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