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Lightning Strike Technology DON'T USE THEM

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Ok people you have heard my rant about Lightning Strike Technology LLC. Well here is what my gun smith said they did to my conversion





Chuck Minzey


I was requested to do an analysis of a 10 mm slide conversion that was done By Lightning Strike Technology llc for Mr Minzey on one of his existing guns.

The following is a list of potential problems and work that was not done correctly.


The slide had to have a slot cut into it for the bushing locking notch. This slot was started on the wrong side of the slide, then the machining was moved to the correct side. The machining was started in the wrong dimension from the front of the slide. It looks like the cutter was moved forward and backward trying to find the correct location. All the time this trying to find the correction location was happening, a slot was being cut into the wrong location. This should have been one smooth operation. It is a shoddy bit of machine work. It was not ever located in the correct place and was not cut high enough in the inside of the slide for the bushing to lock correctly. Due to the locking slot being in the wrong location the slide and bushing both have been damaged. This cannot be corrected using the existing slide and bushing.


The barrel feet are not cut correctly for a short slide gun, hitting the back of the guide rod in an area that the barrel feet should not contact.


The area on the barrel just in front of the upper locking lugs was improperly relieved. One of the upper barrel locking lugs has been removed. Since even the much weaker 9mm barrels have two upper locking lugs, removing one from the high powered 10mm does not seem like a good idea. This must somewhat weaken the whole system.


The barrel has ugly file marks left on it. These are not hurting anything mechanically, but are indicative of poor workmanship in general.




Alan Tillman


Please don't use them

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