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Do any of you enjoy shooting the Olympic Arms upper?

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I had picked up one of their uppers for an AR build that I am just about finished. Just need to narrow the lips on my grease mags to accept the 10mm. But since i've had the gun I picked up more 9mm type guns and wonder if its worth to keep the 10mm upper or try and start loading for it. I had kept from buying any ammo as from research its not worth it unless you buy the quality stuff that gives the 10mm the power it deserves. I'm sure you all know the case.


Anyways, I'm curious on how many people here have actually shot the Oly Arms 10mm. I had planed on getting a Glock 20 as a side arm companion for it but just seemed to be below my other need to get guns.



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Hey guys,

Some of you know my love for the 10 mm.


I've got one and love it.

I put it on a Rock River lower with a match trigger and a RRA Operator Stock.

Mine has the new style magazines and I use the new style mag loader that Olympic offers.


I have no problem with case swelling, even with my nuclear loads.

Ideally the case swells in the chamber upon ignition and sticks in the chamber, then only starts to move as the pressure drops and voilà, no bulged brass.

I'm sure it was "designed" to work with a standard AR-15 lower buffer/recoil spring and buffer right from Olympic.

Mine works flawlessly.



Do not use Blazer Aluminum cases, I had a head seperation after running about 60 rounds through it.

The section of the case that was remaining in the chamber came right out with a tip of a pen.


I also have a Rock River LAR-9 and have Olympic .40 S&W and .45 ACP uppers on order.

Need to get one of their 9 mm's to start looking at a .357 SIG also,

and maybe just swap some parts with a newly chambered barrel.

Aren't LEGO's for adults allot of fun?









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Do you load your own 10mm? Also what gr. bullets have you shown to shoot the best? I've thought about picking up some brass & bullets for it. I have Blue Dot for the powder.


I've always liked the idea of having this as a home defense gun. Nice gun btw, i'm liking the handguard. If your picking up the 45acp version, look into Cavalry Arms MKII lower. They accept the grease mags when you get the adapter from Brownell's & weight almost nothing.


I had painted up the hand gaurd to match the lower.



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Well, I decided to keep it & took the plunge so I bought brass, bullets, and 10mm dies. Gonna start loading some rounds up as soon as I get my loading bench set up.

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