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My Witness still has some fail to feeds.


Most of the time when I shoot it, the slide goes back with the recoil and comes forward, but does not feed a new cartridge. It is almost as if the magazine were too low and the slide doesn't feed it forward.


Some times when it does feed, only the tip of the cartridge will enter the chamber, but the brass is stuck and keeps the slide stuck open.


On the last 2 or 3 rounds, it feeds perfectly fine.


I already have polished the ramp. The magazine is a newer type magazine that is supposed to be fixed. When I insert the magazine, I can grab the base of the magazine and when I wiggle it forwards and back, I can see that the feed end of the magazine moves opposite. It is definitely loose.


Any suggestions?


Oh yeah, sometimes when shooting, the magazine would fall out by itself.

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I would suggest a couple of things. Before we get to that, I have two witnesses...A full-size wonder finish, now cerakoted, and an elite match.


I would suggest is that the magazine rattle is a non-issue, at least as far as feeding is concerned. It may be an issue with the dropping out. The feed issue is the slide is moving back forward faster than the magazine spring can push the next round into the feed position. This means either the slide misses the rim, or if it does catch the rim, the cartridge is still low and begins the feed cycle at the wrong angle.


This will be worst in the middle of the magazine. The first round or two are usually fine because the high spring tension gets them up there fast enough. The couple are fine because less rounds = less friction in the feed stack.


Now, how to fix this?


First, I suggest the Wolff + power mag springs. I think they are +15%, but they may only be +10%. Either way, more spring will help.


Second, as strange as it sounds, keep those magazine loaded all the time. I have found this to help a bunch. Not sure that it changes, but if I unload a magazine a week before going to the range, that one out of my 6 will have issues that day.


Good luck.

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I thought about that too, but didn't get to it yet. I was going to test the mag spring first, by adding a block, and effectively reduce the capacity. Do you think that will simulate a stiffer spring?


I forgot to add to my original post that I do have the +20% recoil springs. Do those cause a faster moving slide?

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I would agree with sqlbullet, the spring is what it is, and Wolff Gun Springs should restore proper magazine function if the original springs are weak. I know that there have been issues regarding the Witness mags some of it was atributed to the finger like guides on the follower getting bent from jamming the last rounds in there. It was thought that this was binding the follower and spring as it made its way to the top.


Good luck! :thumb:

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