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Wednesday Night Pistol League


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If I'm ever your way, I'd love to stop in. Can I wear my CR Speed and Ghost holster? :)

:lol: Nope. I don't allow competition equipment. Nice try, though.


I do allow holsters from the old "approved" IDPA holster list, even though they're not legal (KyTac SHII's, Uncle Mikes, etc). I'm pretty flexible, really... I even allow one female shooter to use a Walter P22, because that's the gun she actually carries.


You, an experienced competitor, however, would not get such leeway. :nana:


BTW...If you're ever up this far, I'd comp your entry fee if you showed up. :thumbsup:



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I just can't remember what I wear anymore. Where do you buy this stuff? At American Eagle? My kid works there and I probably could get a discount.


bc What's that stand for... blind cop?


Help me out here, I'm new.

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Guest TommyZ
I figured... :wink:


I didn't want anyone else to get the wrong idea, though.


Don't :blush: because of the 5.11 vest. I've got one and it's the bomb-digity.



Jeremy, is this you? I took your advice on your email and checked out this site. Looks interesting. Tom Z

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My brother lives in LaPort. Last time we were on the range at Kingsberry (sp?) the old arsenel. One of the Game cops got in my hair because didn't have my green slips (inspection slips on my pistols.

It must've been awhile ago, or that was something specific to that range...I've never once heard of inspection slips.



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