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Full-power 10mm 165gr deal

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Full-power 10mm 165gr deal


Anthony at PBR Ammo has offered up his 165's in full-power loading for $21.30/box of 50. I received notice today his shipment of Starline brass is on it's way. Spread the word to anyone you know who desires this. It's an outstanding deal anyway you look at it compared to what is out there.





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Just got an e-mail update and I'm excited as well to check the rest of it out. Here it is:


15k of 10mm showed up today, we'll be loading the ammo out to the following specs for our V-Supreme line,



10MM_V 155 FMJ G20 0.0 S&W1006 0.0 1400

10MM_V 165 FMJ G20 1342.5 221.5 S&W1006 1340.2 221.1 1350

10MM_V 180 FMJ G20 1302.2 234.4 S&W1006 1296.9 233.4 1300

10MM_V 200 FMJ G20 1249.7 249.9 S&W1006 1244.3 248.9 1250




Haven't worked out the 155gr loading yet and none of them are using 800-X, which I'm happy about from a production standpoint.




Okay the 155's got cut off somehow but if I had to guess in the 1400 FPS range.





Anthony Mowry

Parabellum Research, LLC

P.O. Box 163

Buda, Texas 78610

(512) 666-7279

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How does their ammo compare to Underwood? I would be willing to give them a try at these prices.

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