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Reflex Sight & Mount for Witness Hunter

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I have an EAA Witness Hunter on the way and thought I should start researching optics. I"ve been an iron sight guy all my life and have never fired a weapon with a red dot or reflex sight.


Now, while I expect to do my research on sight options in general, I thought I'd ask about this specific handgun in case options are limited and I can avoid looking at a lot of stuff that doesn't apply. My understanding is that the Witness Hunter is drilled and tapped for a C More mount, but why this mount would be unique in this regard I don't know.


I won't be hunting (ever) with this gun, but may want to do some challenging longer-range target and plinking. What are good options, what are the products, what do you recommend? Am I better off with a conventional scope if there won't be any 'action' involved (stationary target, stationary shooter). Also, while I'd like to fantasize about outdoor long range shots, reality is 90% of all shooting will likely be limited to indoor 25 yd max, the remaining 10% probably outdoor, sandbag, 50-75 yds.


What are the typical products for this handgun--any ideas?

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Hey Bongo Boy, I don't know too much about the EAA Witness Hunter and attachment of Red Dot Optics on them, but There is a company that mills some gun slides to install those types of optics on various guns. I inquired about doing a 1006 slide and he said I could send it in...Mark Housel's response was "No Chips No Charge" in other words if they can cut the slide then no charge. I haven't decided if I want to go that route yet.


Website and contact info can be found here...

L&M Precision GunWorks http://www.landmprecisiongunworks.com/



Mark Housel

1621 Spruce Canyon Drive

Prescott, AZ 86303


Best regards, :thumb:

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I'm not sure if this will be what you're Iooking for, but on my Hunter, I prefer my Leupold 4X28 scope on the EAA mount (found on EAA website). Be sure to use something to keep the screws tight (Loctite, etc.) that will allow you to remove the screws when necessary. I used some clear fingernail polish. Clean & degrease all threads first, of course.


One thing that I did not like about the EAA mount is its use of regular allen head (hex) screws. They sould be Torx. I've always HATED the Allen (hex) head design - too easy to strip out.



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