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Cabela's Tactical Rifle Case

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Yesterday I stopped by Cabela's because I wanted to take a good look at the Tactical Rifle Cases they have. This case normally sells for $64.99. I got one of those "Employee Price Discount" cards in the mail, and I called to check what kind of discount it would get me on this particular case. The girl on the phone checked and said it would knock the price down to $48.77.


I also got a flyer in the mail that said they were going on sale for $49.99 starting 1/3/2013. I was so impressed with the case I bought 2 of them. This case is very large and well made for the price. To compare, one of my LWRC piston AR's came with an Elite Survival Systems Case similar in design to this one, and I think the Cabela's case is much nicer. The Elite Survival Case sells upwards of $100.00.


It comes in both black, as well as Digital Camo. They only had the Digital Camo model, which didn't matter because that is what I wanted. The case comes with plenty of Molle attachment points, as well as 2 detachable pouches. They sell extra pouches as well. They come 2 in a pack for $19.95. I bought several of them because they are perfect in size to fit extra magazines in. I have a total of 6 on each case. Each one will easily fit 3, 30 round magazines.


It has internal tie downs for your weapon, and 2 pocketed areas front and rear to contain both the muzzle and buttstock, and all zippers are double, and very large and heavy duty. It also comes with a single, detachable shoulder strap, and 2 heavy duty carry handles. One is attached to each side that are joined together with a Velcro strip at the center. The material is lined with a type of plastic material that will go a long way in keeping the contents protected from water. The detachable pouches feature this as well.


The built in center pouch comes with the case, and it has 2 zippered access points to seperate compartments. Either one or both of these would easily hold a large handgun. As I mentioned these things are going on sale in a couple of days for just $49.99 each. They are well worth the $64.99 regular price, and are an absolute steal for $49.99. For anyone who needs a really nice case for their AR-15, AK-47, or similar type weapon, but doesn't want to break the bank buying one, I highly recommend this Cabela's case.

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looks nice may have to get one of them

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