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Ruger makes writing your elected officials easy


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Just go to rugers site. Fill in your address. It looks up your elected officials and you proof the email. Sign your first name and hit Send. Poof your done. Please forward this to everyone.


NRA Website has the same thing. Better to CALL THEM though, as I wonder what becomes of emails with an addy known to be a Gun Mfr., NRA, etc.

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Remember where Ruger stood in '94...


I'm not saying people don't change but just remember.

If they are willing to practically flood the offices of every Rep with emails, faxes, & letters, who TF cares. Obviously they've changed their tune sense 94.



Done. Should sticky this & treat it like the B&G. Close/repost until it's all over. Red lettering wouldn't hurt ether. :thumb:

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I just checked again tonight and the count is at 224,383. I printed out and passed the link to everyone at work. Got 8 folks to do their part. Don't the politicians have some sort of formula for letters and such? Like each letter means x-number of people hold the same view?

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I couldn't tell ya how many letters I've written in the past few months. I always get an answer from the Republican side and not the Democrat side how about y'all?


The other thing that is a trend is when I call I will get to leave a recording for the Republicans to leave a message but the Democrat won't even accept the call. What's up with that?

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