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Senator Charlie Janssen Introduces Gun Rights Bill

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Thanks for posting this, signed and shared...

Welcome. As did I. I'll be sure to post any updates I get.

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I used a link on Ruger's website. Easy to use and got results......here's the response from my Senator....


Thank you for contacting Senator Bloomfield's office regarding your Second Amendment rights. Senator Bloomfield stands with you in agreement on the fact that we do not need more gun laws. He has introduced legislation aimed at helping protect the right to bear arms in Nebraska. LB602 the Nebraska Firearms Freedom Act. Below is a link to the introduced copy of the bill for you to review if you would like.






Once again thank you for your comments, they are appreciated.








Jessica Shelburn

Jessica A. Shelburn

Legislative Aide

Senator Dave Bloomfield

District 17, Room 1206

P.O. Box 94604

Lincoln, NE 68509


Fax: 402.471.2126


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