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Boat and motor are on order. Had to go with the 10 footer as that's all that will fit in the storage unit. It will do fine for the small lakes I fish. If my BIL goes with, we'd be over the weight limit. He goes about 325. :blink:


Buy him a case of Slim Fast protein drinks and tell him to lose 50 lbs, then you will take him fishing.

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Nice boat, toss it in pick up & go fishin'. I was looking for a john boat just like that 'bout a dozen years ago, nowhere to be found affordale.


LEO friend sold me a (pre-1971, unstamped hull) 14 ft V nose with oars, hardwood seats, safety cushions, dozen coats of paint IIRC, and a matching trailer for $200.

Boat was pure alum & I sanded it to the bone... took 3 weeks. Put a qt of Rustoleum Camo- sand paint (made dents disappear) + trailer like new.

Me & wife fished most e/other/weekend for years. Got a minn kota trolling motor for it & hooked it to an old deep-cycle battery. .. funny little 68 ft-lbs (?) motor always lasted a 12 hr day. Motor was about $100. at Wallys and would stand the front end of the boat right up in the air.


I would've got a nice john boat like above, if I knew wife was such a 'hard-core' fisher.

Took her out for a weekend fishing trip once, got on water early a.m. on Sat. Only went to shore very few times to pee. Tent never left truck.

When night came, I put the lighted bobbers on & she was happy until time to leave the next evening.


Got transferred & sold boat. Always had a great time fishin' (or drowning bait, like I called it).

Those Largemouths were always my favorite, when I was in MI. In KS its only channel-cats in muddy resevoir water. No lakes in KS.

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