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Need 10mm ammo? PBR has them in stock 5% off!

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Got a bunch of info from Anthony today to pass on. Firstly is the 200's in HP on his site are XTP's (Chopinbloc has them for gel) and the 165/180's are Zero.

Second is he has some stock and offered a 5% off discount code for orders of >$50: 10F-DSC-1 I'm sure they will go quick so save me few!

Links to the the Velocity Supreme and Premium ammo's:


Lastly he said he received good response from the initial trial. Thanks from Anthony and myself for showing your support in getting the V-line established!

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Looked at 3 loads. Out.

Whats avail?


165 grain FMJ is actually in stock now! It's been some time since I've caught PBR with 10mm ammo for sale. I was pleased with the 200 grain FMJ load, but it always seems to be out of stock.

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