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AR15 Accessories: Gear Sector GS 2P

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Gear Sector GS 2P

[center][b]Gear Sector GS 2P[/b][/center]
I would love to say that Gear Sector asked me to do this review for them but it wouldn’t be true. After Charles Daly picked me to review the D-M4 I knew I would need a sling for it. I was an early customer of Gear Sector from the days after I bought my POF. I bought one of the true first generation of their ASP single point sling and I was a T&E guy on their pre-production SPRE single point attachment. I could go on but I should get back to the review.

I knew they made great gear and that they had a new two point sling out, the GS 2P. I sent them an email telling them what I’ve told you, that I needed a sling to use for the D-M4 review. Very shortly afterward they told me that they would send me a sample GS 2P.

I guess you’re wondering the same thing I would be at this point. What’s the difference between it and other slings? For starters they use a one inch wide tubular webbing that doesn’t dig in like some inch and a quarter and inch and a half slings. Unless you are carrying an M249 or M240G this sling won’t dig in.
Also, the lack of wide webbing keeps it from hanging in your gear, getting entangled with your tac-latch and the like. I don’t know how many times my three point sling kept me from using the bolt catch. Small things like that can get you killed if you use the slung weapon to save your life and the lives of others.

The GS 2P has two QD points, one on each end. If things do go wrong you can use either quick detach to relieve yourself from the sling and weapon and the attachment points will still be on the weapon.
[center][img]http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo310/TigerStripe/GS2Pfront.jpg[/img] [img]http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo310/TigerStripe/GS2Prear.jpg[/img][/center]
[center]It has a Base Adjuster which is the device that allows you to adjust the sling to fit your body.[/center]
The Base Adjuster is in the lower left corner of the photo above. [/center] [center]It also has the Ladder-Loc which locks the Ripcord in place.
[img]http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo310/TigerStripe/GS2PLL.jpg[/img][/center][size=1]In this photo the Ladder Loc is even with the rear of the carry handle. The Ripcord is forward and below the Ladder Loc[/size]

The Ladder-Loc is a buckle just above the Ripcord that sets and holds the amount of slack in the sling and, most importantly, allows you to pull the weapon up into the ready position by use of the Ripcord.
[size=1]The Ripcord is shown in the loosest position in comfortable carry position. Notice my thumb is ready to adjust it.[/size][/center]
To adjust the amount you pull the Ripcord in a downward or forward direction. With the sling fully taut it mimics the way a Marine is trained to use his sling for greater accuracy as it pulls the weapon into your shoulder.
[size=1]It is pictured here in the taut position as mentioned above on the weak side.[/size][/center]

When you no longer need the weapon in that position you pull on the Ladder-Loc to release it for a carry position, as in the picture below.

[size=1]Here it is back in the fully loose position.[/size][/center]

My favorite feature is the ability to attach the GS 2P to the weapon, or more accurately weapons. The stock sling comes with two adapters to mate with a standard sling swivel on each end. Other adapters include an HK hook type attachment point, a QD push button adapter for rail or Magpul stock QD attachments, a stock adapter and a solid stock adapter.
I have mine set up with a stock adapter set up to be a webbing version of a “sling thing” and a standard sling swivel adapter attached to a side sling swivel.
[size=1]Rear sling thing.[/size][/center]

You can buy one sling and several adapters and use the same sling on all your weapons. You can also set up your weapon to accept a GS 2P and Gear Sector’s single point ASP. A review of a weapon set up to use either sling is coming up.


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    12/21/2008 03:12 AM


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