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AR15 Armorer: Hammer Head Rifle Tool Review

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Hammer Head Rifle Tool Review

Hey guys.

I have another review to do. I recently read Nwatson99's review and was impressed. I had some questions and was very interested so I spoke with Bob, the owner of Hammer Head Tools. He was very helpful in answering all my questions. I asked to review and check the tool out. He agreed and my tool was on its way.

To start with, when I opened the box it was shipped in, I was immediately impressed. It was very heavy and well built. ¼” thick and weights just a tad over 9 ounces. Plenty of space to really grip the tool when working with it. No bad machining marks, lays flat and over all looks great. Sometimes when a product looks great, it may not be worth the steel its made of, so I wanted to get to really working with it and test it out……

The took couldn’t have come at a better time, as I had 3 builds for others going on, two of mine going on and 3 flash hiders that needed installed. Needless to say, it got a work out the in the first hour of receiving it!

Here is a side by side comparison of the Hammer head tool and a competitors tool that I have used for a few years. I have never been happy with the tool I had as I have buggered my fair share of nuts and marked up a few lowers in my time. The first thing I noticed when looking at the tool was the 4 points of lugs to lock into the nut.

Tool slide onto the buffer tube and had just enough clearance to fit without marking up the tube. Not that it really matters, but it’s a nice point to have.

This is the competitors tool when attached. Notice only 3 points of contact.

This is the Hammer Head tool when attached. Notice how tight it fits and the less “play” when attached.

Here is a picture after tighting the nut down. You can really really wrench that bugger down with the tool. A lot more “Meat” on the handle to hang onto. Give me the feeling of having a “cheater bar” when loosing a nut or bolt. I don’t see any trouble in removing a nut that has had loctite applied. When I got my Bushmaster, the nut had been applied using loctite and my old tool would not break it loose. I tried a cheater bar and only killed the slots machined into the nut. I broke down and broke it loose with a pipe wrench ruining the nut.

This review took longer than I wanted due to the fact that I used loctite to secure the nut on my lower. I left it sit for 3 days. I tried using the old tool with no luck again. I used the Hammer Head tool with no cheater bar and with some serious force and a few choice words, broke it loose. No damage to the nut at all. Needless to say, I am impressed, very impressed.

My favorite part of this tool, is the muzzle break part. Plenty of meat on the handle to align it properly and not worry about slipping. Lets face it guys…..we want our weapons to look good after we work on them, and not scratched up.

Here is the tool being used on an A2 5.56 Birdcage flash hider:

Here is the tool being used on a 308 flash hider:
Unfortunately, it wont work on the Miculek style 5.56 break. The nut is took small.

The tool also has some other great uses.

It can have you attach your 3/8” torque wrench via a cutout in the tool;

You can use it to tighten and remove the 5/8” A2 stock tube extension:

You can use it to start the take down pins when removing the upper from the lower:

If you so choose, you can attach a lanyard to the tool:

Overall I am very impressed with this tool. The uses for this are numerous and will replace several different tools in your box. If you needed to pack a small field repair kit, this would be a great tool to bring along. Not too heavy and bulky and it should fit in most any bag. I will be getting another one of these very soon to throw in my truck as a spare or if I need one and forget my tool kit at home. I am also going to take this took to a few local smiths and have them check it out.

There were a couple of things I would like to see different about this took. First off I would like to see a larger cut out for a ½” torque wrench. I only have a ½” and this will not work. Lastly I would like to see a different sized slot for smaller flash suppressors. Other than that, no flaws in design or workmanship here at all.

If your interested in this tool, have questions about it or to purchase one, stop by there site and check them out. www.hammerheadrifletool.com

Thanks a lot!!!!!

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    03/31/2010 09:15 PM


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