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AR15 Armorer: Review/How-to: Demon Tactical Quick Pin & Comp Brake

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Review/How-to: Demon Tactical Quick Pin & Comp Brake

I had the pleasure of getting some new items from Demon Tactical to review. The first item is their patent pending Quick Pin which replaces a standard take down pin. The next item is their Comp brake to help reduce recoil and muzzle climb. I previously did a review on muzzle brakes with a focus on the JP but did not have the Demon Tactical Comp brake on hand at the time.

It is no secret not all AR upper and lower receivers fit perfectly. Some are really tight, while others are on the loose side. This is primarily due to the forging process which is not as accurate as a billet counterpart, which is cut by a CNC machine to spec every time. So when there is play between an upper and a lower receiver this Quick Pin’s come in handy. The idea behind the product is to eliminate movement between the upper and lower receiver which will aid in aligning the bolt carrier group to the buffer tube while at the same time helping improve overall accuracy. The jury is still out on the claim of improved accuracy. Some claim it helps accuracy because everything is lined up and you have a nice tight foundation while others will say it is simply a placebo effect as the barrel is the only thing which effect accuracy. What is not in question here is a rifle which is too loose is out of spec, and needs to be corrected, either with these pins or replacement of other parts. Premature wear on the BCG and upper receiver will lead to other problems down the road so a tighter fit is better than a looser fit in my opinion. Not to mention you can wear your lower receiver every time you shoot, which will wear the finish off and expose the bare metal. The lower is the registered part of a rile so a quick same day replacement is out of the question due to state laws which have holding periods like California.

Operating the Quick Pin is fairly easy and one of the reasons I like this product is ease of taking the pin out at the range or home for cleaning or inspection. The standard takedown pin requires a little muscle and sometimes a tool is needed to push it through, which can lead to potential nicks and scratches of your AR if you are not careful. With the lever design, it simply pulls out without the need of any tools and slides back in without any trouble. I don’t have an ambi-safety but for those who do it might be a little cumbersome to operate the safety on that side, however with the picture provided on the Demon Tactical website the lever still looks reachable and not obstructed by the Quick Pin in any way. The pin works by expanding the center section to fit the upper and lower snug. These pins have adjustable tension, which is great for those looking to fine tune how tight they want their upper and lower to fit. All it takes is a flat blade screw driver to adjust tension or simply turn it by hand. It should be noted, the only lower receiver this does not work on to date is the billet POF lower receiver, otherwise no other receiver has clearance issues with this pin. Overall I’m quite pleased with this product and will recommend it to anyone having play between their upper and lower receivers or just want to be able to take part their AR receivers more easily.

The Comp brake is very unique in the way it is designed. It is made from 4140 Steel which is heat treated (40 HRC) and Mil-Spec coated (MIL-DTL-16232 Type M) to last a lifetime. Dimensions are .95” diameter and 2.4” long with the standard 1/2”-28 threads. It comes supplied with a wave washer to aid in indexing the ports properly. The tip of the brake has a crown pattern which sets it apart from others, although a few other brakes out there have a variant but not the exact pattern. One might find them self in a combat situation where you run out of ammo and the tip could be used as its own weapon. The raised crown is not sharp enough to break skin, so not to worry. Similar to other thoughtfully designed brakes there is no bottom port which will prevent dust from kicking up when shooting in the prone position. The gas port patterns are somewhat unconventional compared to a standard Miculek design with ports at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. This brake has sets of multi angle ports which redirect the gas in various directions following the theory of Miculek design but not to the “T”. There is also a port on top to help aid in keeping the muzzle climb to a minimum.

Installation is fairly simple and you can refer to my other video on my Youtube channel (Jetspeed81) for help. Like other brakes I tested to index this brake 100% spot on, I had to use threadlocker to make sure it does not move once positioned. The kit I received only came with a wave washer but the website shows a wave washer and a peel washer. Not really an issue since threadlocker should be added anyway to any brake even if it does index with the supplied washer(s). The felt recoil was reduced compared to an A2 and expected. The reduced muzzle raise was also noticeable compared to the A2 because of the top port on this brake. The multi angle design of the gas ports and angle of the cuts directing gases to the rear was also obvious, as spectators standing behind me felt some of the exiting gas. Now comparing this brake to the JP brake which the shooter basically felt no rearward exiting gasses, this brake has slight rearward pressure which can sometimes be felt if you extend your non shooting hand out, it really is not enough to cause problems or bother the shooter in the correct body position. The one surprise using this Comp brake was the flash compared to other brakes. While a brake is not a flash hider/suppressor I would have expected slightly better flash suppression. This is very well due to the design of the brake with the way the gasses escape through the angled ports which explains the flash. All in all this is a great brake, and it does exactly what it is designed to do, which is reduce felt recoil and aid in reducing muzzle climb. For the price you get a very unique brake which works as advertised.

Quick Pin video:



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