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AR15 Data: AR Acronym Thread

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AR Acronym Thread

AAR- After Action Review/ After Action Report - (what'd we do right what'd we do wrong)
AFAIK- As Far As I Know
AO- Area of Operations
AR- Armalite Rifle
AR10- the orginal .308 Armalite Rifle
AR15- the .223/5.56 AR we've learned to love (or hate) main designer Eugene Stoner
AR18 / AR180- Eugene Stoner's attempt at a piston rifle.
ACOG- Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight

BAC- Bindon Aiming Concept, firing with both eyes open, particularly related with an ACOG.
BB- Bull Barrel
BBL- Barrel
BCG- Bolt Carrier Group the bolt, bolt carrier and firing pin of the AR. Used for other rifles as well.
Buffer- The weight in the stock of the AR10/AR15 system that resists the rearward movement of the BCG. There are several types, mainly rifle and carbine.
BOHICA: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.
BRD- Black Rifle Disease
BUIS- Backup Iron Sights- used mainly on rifles with a non-magnifying optic (EOTech, Aimpoint) Can be front and/or rear sights
CAR/CAR15- Compact or Commando AR15 the first short barrel version of the AR15, used mainly by Special Operations Forces
CH- Charging Handle
CL- Chrome Lined
CMV- Chromemoly Vanadium- the steel used for most AR barrels; Chromemoly doesn't necessarily mean chromelined.
COB- Combat Operations Base
COM- Center Of Mass
CQB- Close Quarters Battle - generally from a couple of feet to fifty yards.
CS- Customer Service

DI- Direct (gas) Impingement- the operating system used on AR's. The gasses from the fired round are directed back into the bolt carrier to operate the system, eject spent round and load another.

DIAS- Drop In Auto Sear
EBR- Evil Black Rifle
ERD- Evil Rifle Disease
FA- Forward Assist or Full Auto
FBR- Full Battle Rifle
FBR- Full Battle Rattle - carrying all your gear, including the kitchen sink.
FCG- Fire Control Group
FF- Free Float
FH- Flash Hider
FMJ- Full Metal Jacket
FMJBT- Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
FNG- Freaking New Guy - F^cking New Guy
FOB- Forward Operations Base
FS- Flash Suppressor
FSB- Front Sight Base
FSP- Front Sight Post, the actual sight itself
FUBAR- F'd Up Beyond All Recognition
GTG- Good To Go. In working order, exactly as needed, ready
HBAR- Heavy Barrel (not a bull barrel)
HG- Handguard
IANAL- I Am Not A Lawyer
IIRC- If I Recall Correctly
IMHO- In My Humble Opinion or In My Honest Opinion. I never use this acronym. My opinion is never humble, but it's always honest.
IMO- In My Opinion
IFAS- Improved First Aid System
JAFU- Just Another Fvck Up
JMO- Just My Opinion
KBR- Kan't Be Reliable (Kellogg Brown & Root)

LL- Lightening Link
LMT- Lewis Machine and Tool- Top Line AR manufacturer
LOS- Line of Sight
LPK- Lower Parts Kit
LRRP-Long Range Reconaissance Patrol

MOA- Minute Of Angle- the equivalent to 1 inch groups at 100 yards.
MOB- Minute of Bad guy- Accurate enough to hit a person.
MOWTHDTG-Minute Of Where The Hell Did That Go
ND- Negligent Discharge- not following rules &/or not paying attention and firing a round.
OAL- OverAll Length
OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer
OTM- Open Tip Match (ammunition). Border Patrol/Immigration- Other Than Mexican
POA- Point of Aim
POF- Patriot Ordnance Factory (I checked their site and it is still that)- make a gas piston AR15
POI- Point of Impact.
PRS- Precision Rifle Stock
RAS- Rail Adapter System
RDIAS- Registered Drop In Auto Sear
REMF-Rear Echelon Mother F'er(sittin in the rear with the gear)

SASS- Semi Automatic Sniper System
SBR- Short Barrel Rifle- rifle, carbine with a barrel less than 16 inch total. A 14.5" barrel with a Phantom or Vortex FS permanently attached is not considered an SBR.
SDMR- Squad Designated Marksman Rifle.
SHTF- shat Hits the Fan- from relatively minor or local events on up.
SPR- Special Purpose Rifle
SSDD-Same shat Different Day
SWAG- Scientific Wild-Ass Guess

TEOTWEAWKI- The End Of The World As We Know It.
TOC- Tactical Operations Center

VFG- Vertical Fore Grip / Vertical Forward Grip

WECSOG- Wile E. Coyote School of Gunsmithing

YMMV- Your Mileage May Vary- your item, event or situation may differ.


Thanks for everyone's input.


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    11/27/2008 02:28 AM


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