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AR15 Mounts and Optics: Review: Rifle scope Mounts with Quick Disconnect feature (focus American Defense)

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Review: Rifle scope Mounts with Quick Disconnect feature (focus American Defense)

AR Platform scope mounts come in a variety of designs from basic rings to cantilever one piece mounts. I had the opportunity to test out three different one piece mounts with quick disconnect feature. I will focus on just one mount which I believe took the top spot between the three in my opinion. I decided to review quick disconnect mounts because they are much more versatile in terms of being allowed to remove the scope when cleaning your rifle as well as ease of transportation if you have limited bag space.

The winner in my opinion is American Defense MFG and their AD-RECON scope mount. Now there are quite a few variations which AD offers but the AD-RECON is similar to what Burris and GG&G offer for comparison. In case you need a higher mount or even longer cantilever base, or you want to shoot out to 1000yards and need a 20MOA base, AD is the only company which offers multiple variants of their unique patented bases. They also offer a cheaper one lever QD design as well. The cantilever design of the AD-RECON makes eye relief less of an issue which is great for those who do not have a free float handguard. It is CNC machined form aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum and coated with a mil-spec T3 anodize. The patented Quick Disconnect auto lock feature makes it easy to adapt to any picatinny rail. The QD lever design does not require any tools to adjust the tension and what sets this apart from the other mounts is the ability to configure the lever to lock facing the front or rear. The mount is also made in the U.S.A. and covered under a Lifetime warranty. It should be noted burris is made overseas and gg&g is made in the states.

Upon un-boxing the mount you will find the mount in a clear bag. The mount is oiled up pretty good to prevent corrosion which gives it a longer shelf life. Instructions, allen key and threadlocker are also provided in the box. This mount was the second lightest of the bunch at 8.4oz. I like this mount because it allows your scope to sit as low as possible in parallel to the rail so you will not need a cheek raiser on your stock. The other two models sit slightly higher but not by much. The scope is held in place by 8 allen screws. Rest assured once torque to spec with threadocker the scope is not moving anywhere. Out of the three mounts AD-RECON returned to zero every time without a hitch. It was simply the best of the bunch and most accurate.

While all three mounts lock on a 1913 spec rail, the AD-RECON was much superior in placing equal pressure against both sides of the rail due to the design. The surface area contact point is dead on and there is no grinding or slipping on the sides since the only portion that moves is the level which engages the locking mechanism which is spring loaded. This prevents the mount from forming wear marks on the upper which is a big plus. I mentioned this in other reviews but not all uppers and rails are made to spec, not to worry, this mount can be adjusted to fit virtually any rail even if it is slightly out of spec. Adjusting the tension is very simple since no tools are required. Simply press the small lock lever in while at the same time rotation the main lever out all the way 180 degrees. As you press the main lever in, on the back of the mount you will see the adjustment screws protruding out. At that point you turn it clockwise to tighten it or counter clockwise to loosen the tension. What you will find is only a slight adjustment is needed in order to change tension.

While some may think spending a lot of money for a mount is a waste for a mount you really do get what you pay for. I’ve said this in the past and I’ll say it again, buy cheap pay twice. I’m very pleased with this mount as it can support scopes with objectives as big as 60mm to as little as you want. It withstood everything I threw at it at the range and with the many variants of this mount I will be purchasing another AD mount in the future. My recommendations are American Defense MFG, runner up is Burris followed by GG&G.

Youtube video, install, removal and adjustment:



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    10/18/2011 08:57 PM


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