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AR15 Armorer: Review/How-to: Ace M4 SOCOM Stock

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Review/How-to: Ace M4 SOCOM Stock

Ace M4 SOCOM Stock

I decided to build another custom rifle and set my goals to build a very unique match AR. I picked the Ace SOCOM stock because of the adjustable one piece style design and the fact it is made in the USA. Unlike most aftermarket stocks which come with a receiver extension tube and optional stock this is an all in one proprietary buffer tube design. There is no need to mix and match stocks to Mil-Spec or Commercial size buffer tube. This stock is about as solid as they come, it can be used on AR’s with a .50 BMG upper and designed to be used in case a door needs to be breached. The manufacturer also claims it is 6 times stronger than a standard A2 stock and judging by the thickness I would not hesitate to question that claim. It is very solid in construction and does not have any play compared to other stocks in the recoil direction. This stock is used by Special Forces within the Military and SWAT teams across the country so it is a great high quality stock.

The entire stock with the exception of the optional recoil pad and cheek weld foam is made from 7075 Billet Aluminum with a Mil Spec Hard Coat Anodized Buffer Tube, which makes it much stronger than the standard A2 stock and many other stocks on the market. It comes in two different sizes and I opted for the shorter variant. It is adjustable with a length of pull from 7.5” to 9.5” without the recoil pad and the adjustments are in 1/2” preset increments. This kind of preset adjustment lacks fine tuning. The push button knob is easy to access and the positive engagement clicks are a sure way to know you are in the right slots. It is also very quiet when adjusting and does not bind. There is absolutely no recoil directional play when it is engaged in the slots but there just a hair of play, about 1mm from side to side. It is not noticeable at all when shooting but it is there compared to my other stock which has no side to side play only when the additional friction lock is engaged. It comes with a 3.69” cell foam cover over the tube to provide a comfortable cheek weld. Although you do not have the option for a riser I don’t see the need for one using this stock depending on the optic you use. I actually ended up having to get an A.D. raiser for my optic due to how low it mounted to the rail. One of the unique features of stock is the various ambidextrous sling mount options. In addition to the three stock sling mount options on the stock there is a dual sling mount end plate to increase those mounting point options. It comes with a standard 1/2” recoil pad but there is an option to increase LOP with a 1” recoil pad instead. The kit also comes with an extra hex screw and this is used to make the stock a fixed stock which is a huge plus for those looking to go featureless. This stock on a featureless build would set it apart from the rest no doubt. This stock weights 16.5oz which does not make it the lightest stock ACE offers but it is certainly not the heaviest either of all the stocks available in the market. It is a trade off between weight, functionality and style. It does not have storage compartments, but for an all metal stock which just outright performs well for shooting it is very stout. This new Generation 4 SOCOM stock comes with a castle nut so your standard AR armorers wrench or appropriate spanner wrench should be the only tool you need for installation. It requires is a standard carbine buffer spring and buffer to finish the setup.

The streamlined look of this stock stood out to me with a less is more clean finish. I opted to use a standard endplate as I found the sling options on the plate to handle my needs, plus it looks cleaner in my opinion. It has a clutter free functional style which differentiates itself from the competitors. The solid all metal construction is made to last a lifetime and I’ll follow up in the future with reports of how this has withstood the abuse I throw at it. The great customer service from Tim & Tiffany is another reason to pick this stock as they are quick to respond to questions and have a vast knowledge of their products. The stock will serve well for precision shooting and CQB shooters. I would not hesitate to recommend this stock to anyone.

Install video: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwctWmcWHPw"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwctWmcWHPw[/url]


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    10/02/2012 05:22 PM


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