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AR15 Armorer: Spikes Tactical .22 Conversion cleaning and disassembly...

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Spikes Tactical .22 Conversion cleaning and disassembly...

If you have a Spikes Tactical .22 conversion, you know how dirty they get after a range trip. Mostly because you will put an entire brick of .22 through them in a day. Luckily most of the dirt is contained on and in the conversion. But they do not come with any instructions telling you how to take them apart. So I decided Id tell you incase some of you guys with them didnt know how.

Here is what you start out with. It will probably be a good bit dirtier because its clean in all of these pics. The black part on the end of the part that fills the chamber is always like that on mine.


The first thing you need to do it to compress the spring by sliding this part back, and hold it back.


While you have holding the spring compressed, you need to get the front part out. To do this, just twist it to one side, and the two bars will open up a little. You will need to stick your finger in there and open them a little more to get it off.


Once you get that part off, carefully let the spring out and take the entire part off. It is now broken down as far as you need to go. I find a brass brush gets everything off.


Assembly is the reverse of disassembly.

There are some roll pins you can take out on the part that holds the extractor and firing pin, but I havent messed with them yet. I figure Ill only clean it that deep every year or so.

Hopefully this helped out some of you guys.

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    03/31/2009 01:01 AM


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