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AR15 Barrels, Comps, Muzzle Devices : Black Hole 6.8 barrel review

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Black Hole 6.8 barrel review

Hello folks.

I have another review to share with you:

Several months ago I picked up a 16” stainless barrel in 6.8 SPC. Barrel is a White Oak 1-11” twist Spec II Mid-Length with medium weight. The barrel shot very well with my hand loads of 110 grain moly coated Hornady V-max over H335. I was averaging 1.3-1.5 inch groups at 100 yards with my 3.5 power ACOG. I thought that was pretty impressive from a 16” off a bi-pod and bag with a short range optic.

Since that time, I have been waiting for Black Hole Weaponry to introduce there new 1-11” twist barrels. I have a few of them that I have used in my builds and am very impressed with the 3 groove poly rifling. This arc shaped rifling has long been held in very high regard for its accuracy, increased velocity, reduced gas cutting and ease of cleaning. While waiting for the 1-11’s to come out, I decided to try something different.

Up till now, every Black Hole barrel that I have tested has been a 3 groove poly rifled barrel. The White Oak uses the standard Enfield rifling. I wanted to test the craftsmanship and quality I have gotten in the past from Black Hole against my White Oak barrel matching them barrel for barrel. I special ordered a stainless steel Spec II medium weight barrel with mid-length gas system and standard Enfield rifling. Barrels were almost identical in every aspect.

I have put right at 580 rounds through my White Oak barrel with a proper 75 round barrel break in. Last groups fired were 5 shots, 100 yards off my Harris and sandbag, 3.5 power ACOG and my hand loads. Accuracy tends to get better around the 500-1000 round mark, and I think all the accuracy I can pull from this barrel has been pulled still very impressive though.

I wanted to make this test as close as possible in regards to the barrels so I installed the Black Hole barrel on my weapon in the same configuration as before. I started off with the same V-max bullets and H335 powder as that was all that I had on hand. I loaded up 7 different combo’s and tested each with 5 shot groups. Pictured are the best of 4. You will have to disregard what looks like a flyer to the left it was not part of the group. That ended up being the best group that I found and it was the low side of the range too. 27.0 flat shot better than anything. I will work on that group in the future, but it measured right at 1.26” Total round count on the gun is now 110 rounds with break in.

I wouldn’t call the Black Hole barrel more accurate as we are talking about such a small difference. Maybe a higher power scope might allow a tighter group for both barrels, but that’s not what I was after here. I took a seasoned White Oak barrel and shot it against a brand new un-seasoned Black Hole Weaponry barrel and shot basically the same group. I got what I was after. The precision and craftsmanship of these barrels still surprises me.

This review is not finished. I have placed my order with Black Hole for a 16” and 18” mid-length barrels in the 3 groove poly match rifling with 1-11” twists. When they arrive, I will perform the same tests as above and see how they perform.

Keep in mind folks, that I am not putting the White Oak barrels down at all. I will continue to keep and shoot my White Oak barrel, this was a test merely to test the accuracy barrel for barrel against a Black Hole. For the 16” and 18” 3 groove poly tests, I will use several different bullet and powder types to get the full range of accuracy with lighter and heavier bullets. Until then, Enjoy!


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    06/05/2010 03:37 PM


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