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Hey guys.

I was asked to do a review of this DVD by Brownells. I have finally got it finished and am happy to say that it is more than what I could have expected.

First off, Jerry breaks each and every aspect of using the AR-15 in 3 gun competition. All points are highlighted and reviewed. Slow motion videos and gun mounted cameras are used all through the DVD's. In my opinion, this will help the new shooter better than just telling them what to do and showing them once. This DVD series will help even a Professional shooter become better at this game.

DVD #1 breaks down:
[b]Gun Safety:[/b] Jerry discusses proper finger/trigger control, where the muzzle should be during loading, unloading, the ready position and the use of a chamber flag.
[b]Gear for the Matches and Field:[/b] Jerry Discusses different stock and sight styles and Variable optics and reddots
[b]The Basic AR-15:[/b]Jerry breaks down the basic AR-15 function and design.
[b]What Jerry uses:[/b]Jerry goes through each piece of equipment he uses and why. Not just a "use this cause I said" attitude, but what the "real" function is.
[b]Basic Shooting Principles:[/b] ie Sights, stance, grip and trigger. Jerry describes the different methods of each and why one is better than the other for different shooters.

DVD #2 breaks down:
[b]Review of the Stance, grip and trigger:[/b] Basic review of each.
[b]Stationary Shooting:[/b] This is where the DVD shines. Jerry gives pointers and different methods for everything. I learned more in the first 20 minutes of this DVD than I learned in years of personal lessons. I will continue to use these in the training I do myself. Its weird how the little things you are going wrong will cut time off your score quick fast.
[b]Shooting Moving Targets:[/b] This is a good review of the common methods to shooting moving targets. This really isn't a major problem when shooting the AR-15 due to the speed of the bullet, but its a good overall review.
[b]Speed Reloading:[/b] The mother of fast times folks. Behind every pro shooter, there is a fast reload. I have seen shooters ruin an entire day by the 2-3 seconds a bad reloading gone worse after dropping the magazine can add to your time. Jerry breaks down the methods to a good speed reload. Bullets forward and bullets behind styles of speed loading. He goes into, why each is better or worse for the shooter.

DVD #3 breaks down:
[b]Position Shooting:[/b] There are several different types of positions a shooter can use. Jerry breaks each down step by step and in slow motion. He also goes into which method best fits the shooters needs during a match. This is where I love how Jerry teaches. Most instructors just show you the methods, not when to use them. Jerry does this to a "T".
[b]Shooting Around Barriers & Through Ports:[/b] Jerry again breaks down this. What I like about it, is he uses several different barriers and discusses the pros and cons of each.
[b]Shooting on the Move:[/b] Again moving, knowing where to reload, and what order to shoot your target is the difference between a pro and a wanna be. Jerry does a great job of showing the shooter this.
[b]Malfunction Drills:[/b] 3 gun shooters and the Tactical minded shooter will benefit from this. Jerry explains the different types of malfunctions and different methods of clearing them.

My overall opinion of the DVD is fantastic. Bang Incorporated, Brownells and Jerry Miculek really did there homework on this one folks. Video and Audio are very clear. Most of the video was shot outside. No annoying wind noise to deal with. Complicated and more important aspects of this DVD are broken down and explain in great detail. Jerry explains what gear can help you in "no B.S." fashion. Not the "by this cause I say" attitude, but rather "this has benefited me because" mindset.

I have always been a fan of Jerry and his teachings. Being asked to do this review was more of an honor than anything else. I got to refresh my tactics and learned alot. Like I said above, I learned more in the first 20 minutes than I have been taught from private lessons. I have used his signature break for some time now and swear by it. Its loud, but its proud. Turns out, half the gear on my rifles, is what he uses. I did not know that until I got this DVD. Funny how things work out isn't it.

Brownells has this DVD for sale on there website [url="http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=31831/Product/JERRY_MICULEK_PRACTICAL_RIFLE?ICID=150001"]Jerry Miculek Practical Rifle[/url]. Its listed at $39.99 and well worth it. If your serious about improving your score, over all gaming or just want to become a safer, more effective shooter. This DVD is for you.

Thanks and I hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I did.

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    02/20/2010 02:36 AM


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