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AR15 Accessories: Hogue ridged free float handguard review

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Hogue ridged free float handguard review

Hey all,

I had been shopping around for a good free float tube for awhile and found this at Brownells : [url="http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/sid=53477/pid=6926/sku/Rifle_Forend__Ridged"]Hogue Ridged[/url]

With my discount it was under 45 bucks. I ordered it and it arrived today. Its a solid two piece aluminum free float tube.
Right off the bat, I found a few flaws with it. First off there is no barrel wrench that will fit the barrel nut. You wont be able to torque the barrel nut to the proper 30-40 FPS that is required. I had to use a strap wrench, put it in my vise block and tighten it down. What I did was take my 16" carbine's barrel off 4-5 times and re-torque it until I got the feel for what 30-40 pounds felt like. You can go all the way up to 80 and there no way I am near 80.

Also the tube is not drilled and tapped for a swivel stud. I will have to do this as well. Overall I am kinda dissapointed, but really really like how it looks when installed on the rifle. I am still waiting on parts from Addax, Gunbroker and Brownells that are backordered to finish the rifle build. Then I will get her out and so some shooting to see how it feels.

Here are some picts of it attached: Enjoy!!!

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    01/09/2010 04:16 AM


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