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AR15 Armorer: G&G Tools Boat Tail Cleaner and Polisher Review

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G&G Tools Boat Tail Cleaner and Polisher Review

Greg, the owner of [url="http://www.gngtools.com/"]G & G Tools[/url] and also the inventor of the tool, is a down to earth person that was easy to communicate with.

I received my [url="http://www.gngtools.com/gngboltcleanerandpolisher.aspx"]G&G Tools Boat Tail Cleaner and Polisher[/url] this afternoon after being informed it was packaged and shipped on Friday(same day order was placed), three days transit time to Alaska...I am impressed.

He and the rest of us have for years...decades have been troubled with the daunting task of cleaning the AR bolt tail. This part of the cleaning process always felt like work that should be easier. I have tried everything over the years and have found that picking and scraping along with hours of soaking was the best option, not anymore...at least for me. All thanks to Greg and G&G Tools.

When I received the package, I opened it to find a simple looking tool with a simple set of instructions and diagram...I knew there was no excuse if I messed anything up at this point. Besides he also provides a great [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M16c2EKFXs"]video demonstration of the tool[/url] on Youtube.Greg even includes the scouring pads used for polishing the bolt tail, a big plus because I would have got in some hot water for cutting up things in the kitchen.
Last week I ran about 300 rounds through my Black Rain SBR, I wanted to foul the bolt up before I received the tool to see how well it worked. As you can see there is quite a bit of carbon build up on the bolt.
I scraped off the majority carbon with the scraper, took the picture and put it back in the scraper to remove excess carbon around the collar. Surprising this took about 20 seconds(will take much less next time) to remove the carbon that I normally scrape off with a hand held bolt scraper.
I then took the bolt and sandwiched it between the scouring cleaning pad inside the polishing arm and tool. There is a guide hole, so again, I knew even I couldn't mess it up.
I twisted the bolt back and forth for about 30 seconds and took a look, it was starting to get very clean. I will admit to get a nice polish it takes some elbow grease, but after about a couple minutes of twisting it back and forth, I was surprised at the results. It was not only clean, but it was polished and shining. I guarantee that over time, starting with the next one...the process will become easier and quicker.
As with many tools, it serves to complete one task and it does it extremely well. This one tool includes everything needed to clean and polish your bolt tail with ease. I have already started to take out my bolts and give them a well deserved cleaning now.

I am an advocate for anything that makes my life easier and this does. I think I spent more time cleaning the carbon of of my hands than I did off of the bolt! I think that any AR owner would appreciate the simplicity and genius in the G&G tool, it will be the best $29.99 investment you will make in a long time.

I will add that after I looked at the review and watched the video once again, I gave it a couple more spins with the cleaning pad further out to clean some of the carbon on the gas rings and the lip of the boat tail.

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    09/29/2009 04:58 AM


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