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AR15Armory Helpful Information: How to Turn on You PM Notification

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How to Turn on You PM Notification

Folks here is a how to turn on the board equipped software for a pop up notification that you have received a Personal Message or Conversation as they call it now.   Step 1.  First thing up at the top underneath the banner you will see your name with a drop down window, select the arrow and functions will drop, you want to hold your cursor over the the My Settings line, which it will turn a different color down. Once it turns a different color, then click on it.       Step 2. Once you click the My Settings line you will be taken to this area of your profile settings. While on this page, you will look for Notification Options, once you hold your cursor over Notification Options will it will also change color, once it changes color then click it to be taken to the Notification Options of your profile.   Step 3. and Final Step Look down the page to the Area I have marked with a red outline, Private Message. Make sure that little white box has the green check in it, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. Now you if you don't already will have a Pop-Up notifying you that you have received a Private Message.       Now we have installed an additional PM Notification as well during the upgrade, so you folks that don't want the PM Notification you can always just be infromed and look for this: Not only are these little indicators bright, but they will also tell you how many Private Messages you have in the in-box.

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    02/03/2013 07:00 PM


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