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AR15Armory Helpful Information: How to change or update your avatar

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How to change or update your avatar

Folks as most can see now, there are no longer any default avatars offered by the software. Now there are three way you can use your Avatar here on the new software. A. Upload your image from the computer B. Upload a URL from a Photo Hosting Company C. Sign up or already have an account at Gravatar.   Firs toff how to insert your avatar if you don't have one or want one. *Note the Avatar is now called Photo"   1. Go to your username at the top and where the drop down arrow is hold your cursor over that to allow your command prompt to drop down and then select My Profile   2. Select My Profile and you will be transferred to this screen: once on this screen select the large button to the right Edit Profile:   3. After you select Edit Profile you will see another screen when this screen appears you want to select Edit My Photo   4. Final Stage after you select Chane My Photo the final screen will appear, once on this scree you have the three options for the type of Avatar / Photo you want. Again you can upload directly, use a photo hosting company, or use Gravatar. Once your photo is uploaded select the Done button and it is done.    

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    02/04/2013 01:07 PM


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