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AR15 Armorer: Disassemble a USGI Magazine

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Disassemble a USGI Magazine

I have taken a picture of three different types of the most commonly used AR15 Mag to give a little demonstration on how to disassemble them.
Had a fellow member on another forum asked the question so I explained it to him and thought just to put up this simple and quick illustration.
Forgive the picture quality, I was in the house all day today under the weather that is the reason I was not at Swingset's shoot, but tomorrow is a different subject.

Here is a pic of the three test subjects.
Far Left: DPMS 30rd Mag
Center: DPMS 20rd Curved Mag
Right: Colt 20rd straight Mag

Next we have the 30rd Mag, notice the bottom of the Mag Plate to the right you will see a round hole.
Take a good screw driver that will fit the hole correctly and not damage the floor plate insert the screw driver in the hole and lift the end of the
Mag Plate upward 3/16" of an inch.
If you do not have a blunt head screw driver and all you have is a nice thin flathead, you can also remove the floor plate at this location,
just follow the steps in raising the end of the floor plate so the locking ears on the Mag Plate will clear the Magazine body. Illustrated here.
Once you raised the bottom of the floor plate and slide it to the right the plate will look like this.

Slide the floor plate completely off and remove the spring and follower.

Repeat the process for assembly and you have dis-assembled and re-assembled a 30rd Mag.

Note the 20rd Curved Magazine is exactly the same procedure

20rd Straight Magazine

Looking at the bottom of the Magazine you will notice the 20rd Straight Mag is totally different versus the 20rd curved or 30rd Magazine. The hole on the right is the place for releasing the Mag Plate
Insert a blunt object into the hole pressing on the metal plate you can see in the hole until the raised lip just to the right of the hole disappears and is below the bottom of the Floor Plate.
Once you release the metal locking tab slide the floor plate to the right and you will start exposing the locking device for the 20rd straight Mag Floor plate. This is the difference between the locking devices used to secure the Floor Plates on a 20rd Straight mag and 20rd Curved and 30rd Mag.
Removing the follower is a little different also than a 20rd curved or 30rd Mag. You now have to remove the follower with the interference with the Floor Plate locking device as well as the 20rd straight Mag has a tighter fitting guide the follower rides in versus the 20rd curved or 30rd mag. Take the follower once it is at the Floor Plate guide tab "which the tabs are the four wrap around objects at the bottom of the Mag" and tilt the follower downward to work the top of the follower from behind the floor plate guide.
Now you have only left to remove the follower out from behind the floor plate locking device and take it out of the Mag guide. Take the follower and tilt it so it will be at a 90 degree angle and pull the follower out from behind the floor plate locking device as well as the curved guide built into the mag itself.

Now you have a stripped 20rd Straight Mag

Holes in the Mag Floor Plates are all sized for a 5.56mm round to use for field stripping, so if you find yourself needing to strip these Mags down and you don't have a screwdriver, then just grab and round and start stripping.

CAUTION *Do Not Shoot the Round you used the Strip a Mag Down With, the Round Could Become Lose in the Neck of the Brass and Not Fire Correctly, Thus Causing Damage to You or Your weapon*

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