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AR15 Armorer: Collapsible Stock Removal

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Collapsible Stock Removal

To remove a collapsible stock from your AR is a simple task, but I figured I would write a little something up since I have read several members on gun boards asking what tools and how to remove them.

First here is a picture of the lower I was working on, what I have done here is remove a factory DPMS collapsible stock and replaced it with a Vltor.

Second thing you need is a buffer tube nut wrench pictured below, there are several type of wrenches that serve the same function, but I like this one due to the length and thickness.

Next we have removing of the buffer and buffer spring, what I have done to save time and pics were to use the same pics for removal and installation.
Notice the way the buffer is sitting in the AR, you will see the buffer and spring is seated in the buffer tube being held by the Buffer Retainer Pin and Spring.

Press down on this pin with a grip on the buffer and allow the buffer to gently slide over the retainer pin, so the buffer is clear of the retaining pin and the buffer spring is exposed.

Next remove the buffer spring holding it in an upward position so the buffer spring does not catch on the retainer pin.

Now you have removed the Buffer and Buffer Spring.

Next it is time to remove the Buffer Tube / Stock
Place the wrench on the buffer tube nut and make sure the tab on the wrench is locked in properly in the slot on the nut like so.
Be sure you place the wrench in the orientation so you can remove or tighten the nut, Righty=Tighty, Lefty=Losey
Here we are removing the nut so we have the spanner wrench positioned to do the job.

After you have the nut lose pull the latch plate back toward the stock exposing the rear take down detent spring.
Be careful that you do not lose or damage this spring or detent pin. Place the spring and flip the lower upward so the small detent pin will come out of the lower assembly and sit them off to the side.

Next un-thread your buffer tube enough so you may remove the buffer retaining pin and spring, the lower should look like this after removing those items. Notice the hole in front of the buffer tube were the retaining pin and spring were located.

After this removal continue to remove the buffer tube and this is the parts you should have ready to re-install the collapsible stock.

This is the stock we are replacing the other one with.

Reverse the enitre process I have just illustrated here and you will have a finished prodcut.

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    02/09/2013 04:02 PM


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