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AR15 Accessories: Spotting a Fake Vltor Stock

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Spotting a Fake Vltor Stock

Buyer beware. Got this from a buddy of mine that posted his findings.

A little background: I came across this replica stock when it was sold to me on a complete lower as a genuine VLTOR Emod a few years ago. I noticed subtle differences between real Emods and the replica stock when I compared it to online pictures. Recently I asked to trade some items for a VLTOR Emod. I noticed that a lot of people offerred replica emods, believing these were real Emods. I purchased two real Emods and decided to make a thread showing the differences between a replica and real Emod. Unlike the magpul replicas which do not use magpul logos on them, these replica Emods look similar (at first glance) and mimic the VLTOR Emod look using VLTOR tags and logos.

Left: Replica (FDE). Right two: Emod (FDE and Black). Notice the color difference

The top two are Real Emods. Real Emods will have a "1" Stamped on the door, and "3" or "E" stamped inside the compartment.

The rear butt stock of the real Emod (Right) has a metal plate on the buttom. The replica is blacked out.

The bottom of the stock pad is cut differently. You can see the pad meets the rounded pad perfectly, whereas the replica does not.

The top picture are the real Emods. The finishing marks between the lever are more crude on the real Emods.

Not the best picture, but the replica has a more crude QD made with a different metal.

Perhaps the biggest difference between a real Emod and replica is the nut holding he adjustment lever in place. The real Emod has a roll pin holding the nut in place. If you ever come across a fake Emod, this is the easiest way to identify it.

As for function, the real Emods will slide smoother, adjust easier, and lock up tighter than the replica. The replica's lever is clumsy, has poor lock up, and adjustment is a hassle. The lock nut also tends to loosen, causing the lever to fall off..

I hope this helps. I believe most of these, especially the last one will carry over to other VLTOR stocks

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    02/12/2013 12:57 PM


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