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AR15 Armorer: Buffer Modification.. adding weight

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Buffer Modification.. adding weight

For those of you that like to tweak your buffer weights. Here is a easy way to add weight to a standard weighted buffer. Weigh your existing buffer on a set of scales so you know what your dealing with, then knock out the roll pin and disassemble. You will then be able to see how much room you have to play with inside your buffer. As you may know, some buffers have more dead space in them than others. Using bullet weights (fishing sinkers) Get a selection of sizes to use from. From 1/16oz. through 1/2oz. Pick your choice of bullet weight and smash it in a vise, making sure you don't flatten it so much that it doesn't fit the buffer. If you do, you can ping around the edges with a small mallet or trim with a file, knife, or dremel tool.
FYI.. You can compress a 1/8oz. bullet weight to about the exact size/thickness as the rubber spacers that are already in between the buffer weights.
With lead in between the buffer weights, the rubber spacers are no longer needed.
After you add all of the desired weight, slightly tamp the weights to seat them.
You may choose to leave a small amount of space in the buffer. The dead air space does help in the buffering. But I have found that very little space is needed. You can bounce the buffer on the counter to see if you need to add air space in the buffer. You will see that sometimes you only need the slightest amount of air space in the buffer when using the extra lead weights.
Weigh your buffer on the scales when you are done and engrave the weight on the side of the buffer. It's a easy way to identify and select your buffer of choice when you have a multitude of them laying around.

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